Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Today, we shifted our class positions. That changes quite a lot of things. Used to be in rows of 2 but now rows of 4. My row has all girls. The only girl not there is Nicole, who sits behind me. It's the first day but I miss the old position. New one feels more cliquish.

Well there's also class politics and voting. Started changing because of Wei Kean. Pfft. He sits beside me now. I miss Shao Yang. But I'm currently very annoyed that he lost my borrowed magazine.

Started changing because Wei Kean didn't want to sit beside Ming Wai. IDK, ppl kept pushing him around and so he sits at the back. Pn Rekha was like, "Why you guys don't like him?". He was absent today.

During accounts today a lot of ppl kena from En.Hari. Vincent got 5 times, and in each his face twists in pain. En.Hari's very good in inflicting pain. :( And then the funny one was Weng Hock forgot he wasn't supposed to drink in class but he did, and somehow he drank until he had to vomit.

Well I napped until I got dizzy. A 4 hour nap. :]

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