Monday, 12 July 2010

The weekends

So sleepy I feel like I only have half a brain on. They say sleep helps you remember and dreams are a reenactment of your day. Yesterday was the last FIFA match, some stayed up from midnight but still came to school. Yen Yi, I don't know how you stand it.

Sunday and Monday makes me real tired. Church, Shopping, Dinner, School, Piano. I like them but too much of a good thing is bad.

And I wonder if I would be the first to skip 5 grades in one year and then, the first to fail practical exam. Pfft, piano.

Today a bunch of ppl were sent to Legend Hotel for concert practise(pretty boring. skipping school tomo! Nam was very funny thou). And Jin Fye lost his phone during the last period. :(

Reminded me of when I lost mine(or my bro's, to be more accurate). He brought two handphone but only one was lost. IDK. Ding was in the class for a while so Jin Fye kept asking if he saw it and hinted at how he would strangle the person who'd done it. Ding has a tendency to raise his eyebrows when he's trying to lie or feeling insecure(or so I noticed). But I was too busy doing Physics peka to take note of that. IDK MAN. I don't know.

Again I just hope there are no thieves in the class. I hate people who steal, you know? It's disgusting how they don't think the extent of the consequences from their actions. Worse even if it's a friend, betraying other people's trust.

Anyways. I ate macaroon. From Godiva. Wasn't so expensive considering a box of chocolate there can be way more than RM100. This was just RM 14. Well it looks better than it taste. I need to find the perfect macaroon.

And oh, pillowcase! My Melody. Looks like something a ten-year old would use, but who doesn't love being a ten-year old? Ignorance is bliss.

And oh, Lomo effect by using an iPhone application. The apps are fun. Lomo makes the photo become over-exposed. Sometimes I cringed at people's camwhore pics. I wonder if people cringe at mine? :D

And I think there was something else I wanted to say but my brain is so sleepy... Oh yeah. Eunice got a vision of me. Walking out of the path of light and into the path of darkness then back to the path of light(after some incident). Some other details but I better not divulge it. We were doing this in church. I'm gonna see if it's true. See what gives for chasing my ambitions and whatnot. :)

Prayed last night too, I seldom do, but now I will. If you haven't felt God it's a very hard thing to describe, like trying to describe the smell of your favourite childhood pillow.

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