Saturday, 3 July 2010

Youtube period


Hahah piano exam coming. I hate the wait. And OMG if fail, waste money and lose face OK!

And a list of common misspelled words.

If you cannot tell which is the correct side then your spelling=FAIL. Hahaha jk jk.

And girls, if you are wondering what makes ur tummy such a sucker during menstruation, the culprit is prostaglandin! Makes ur uterus contract to force the mucus out.

The special thing is that women can bleed for a week and not die.

Though really I wonder why we release a new egg each damned month instead of waiting until the sperm actually arrives. So wasteful and inconvenient, you know?

Um. Sorry if you were disgusted/offended. But you shouldn't be anyway because the stuff in period is what nourishes you when you were growing in your momma's womb.

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