Sunday, 29 August 2010


Xuan came to church with me today. I know 4 people who go by the name "Sean"(well different spellings).

Um. I think this is one of those things which will bring a chain reaction. Xuan will be coming to church with me next week too. :)

Went to eat dim sum at Mandarin Oriental.


I almost forgot how the toilet looks like.

I think it holds the record for most mirrors in a toilet. All four walls, boom. I like it. I can see so many of me. Though it was creepy to be there alone. Eh, it's also creepy to blog about toilets...

The main point of going to Mandarin Oriental was for the mooncakes really. They're the best, darnest best that I've ever tasted in my mouth. Snow skin pandan om nom nom nom!

Pondered on what book to buy for a long long time. is good for finding book reviews.

I am sleepy. Ho. Xuan slept around 3 last night, too.

On the way home Mei Yen asked me if I wanted to go Genting. Ooooh, sleepy. Too sleepy to have any more fun.

tata, :)

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I'm pissed so this is a rant to whatever made me pissed in the first place.

Some days are up, some just down. Bear with me. :(

I seldom stay angry. I'm genuinely angry when it happens, though mostly angry on someone's actions rather than the person as whole.

Bad words are the norm for expressing pent-up frustrations. My blog, my space, I'll do what I like, you don't have to like what I do. Unless I'm commiting libel to someone, in which case they probably deserve it. It's easy to misuse blogging, it's like writing to the public with seemingly zero consequences.

My day was pretty fine and it was funny watching my classmates dance for the academic week competition.

And then came Commerce. I got the highest marks. I'd never want to be one who cries when they get "low" marks, but it's really exhilarating to be on top. Humans love power. It's part of why money is the root of all evils. It grants you power to obtain what you want and make others do your bidding.

Deep down, we all love to accomplish something and leave our mark in this world. Remember the quote, "We don't live forever, but our goal is to make something that will."? Some shit like that. We'll clamber up the ladder for success and fame, we're hungry for recognition. Heck, it's even included in Maslow's pyramid of human needs.

However, I am just plain pissed even though I've clambered to the top. I went up to get my paper. Students start clapping. Teacher asked them to stop and say that there's nothing great about me to clap about. That even though I was the highest it was too low. Tell that to those who failed.

Crap, I know you've got surgery but there wasn't shit of a lesson a month right before test so what do you expect? The duty of a teacher is to teach and you relinquished the right to demand when you've stopped giving. That's the best your student can give.

You can at least ask me to work harder instead of criticizing me for getting the highest marks in class which apparently wasn't high enough. That's the best you've got, sucker. I used to like her teaching, but after surgery she's just plain antagonizing like it's everyone's fault she has to undergo a surgery.

OK I'm exaggerating. But I can't help feeling victimized, YOU KNOW?

Next. During the dance routine rehearsal people kept correcting Mei Yen. Ding scolded her. Of course Mei Yen didn't like it. Jin Fye thought she was pissed at him or whatever and so asked her to switch places with Kwok Shien and stop dancing.

And then Mei Yen cried, and I skipped the lunch break to comfort her. But after the art competition when I needed her to listen me whine for a while, all she said was, "What?" after I finished ranting. I can spend the whole 40 minutes listening her rant and she can't even spare me 2 minutes? I hate it when I call her and she turns a blind ear. Am I that invisible?

I'm angry, but no I don't like shedding tears. They're too precious and it becomes shameful when you cry on something not worth your tears. I prefer verbal outlet, which is what I'm doing. My words cry for me. No just kidding. Or maybe try the physical outlet. Throwing pillow and ice cubes can be satisfying at times.

Art competition was pressuring and wore me down just before school ended. I don't think we're going to win. It's my thinking that if you don't have a fair chance of winning in a competition, the efforts are wasted. Simone was good with planning but she had a meeting and arrived late. I drew a lot because I draw the people and Fikri was just relaxed and criticizing shit I draw.

Fuck it all, fuck it all.

Um. OK. I'm not angry now. :)

Rant done.

I got highest for E.S.T, which was sweet. Was tied with a few other people but changed shortly after teacher corrected her marking. Muahahaha. Um. I think because she corrects a lot of student she often misses out on things. Like not looking into wrong spellings. "Satisfide" and "glomal warming" and "mischeif" went unnoticed. I think it's important to correct their mistakes. I mean what if they're stuck with the wrong spelling FOREVER?

Well. This marks today. It's holiday tomorrow. I want to try custard puff. Might be going 1U. Hmn. Probably not. Lots of people going there tomo.

I am really annoyed and feel like strangling all the antagonizing people in this world. Sometimes I turn into them, so absorbed in my own anger resulted from others that I spread this disease to others as well.

It's a vicious, vicious cycle that creeps up to us insidiously. And over time we just become inured to it, like growing thicker skins.

And my goodness. I cannot stand Dylan. Overbearingly cynical with a penchant for putting down others. He's witty, but it looks insecure when all his joke involves putting down others. Or maybe just me. Everytime, a rude remark. I cannot remember a conversation with him which doesn't have a part where he insults me. Nope, none at all.

I wish to go in peace now. I wish to forget about all this people who got me pissed. I wish to go to a deep deep well. I wish to feel weightless and floating, a part of my burden released.

What a matyr post. Will return to normal self soon. Well. Sorry if I've said something offensive involving you. But then again, if I did that, you probably did something offensive to me in the first place.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I am very full. People remarked that my breakfast looks very healthy and shit but what they don't know is that I can't help gorging food at home. Because dinner is no fun to eat. Soggy vegetables. Yuck.

Banana and cereals for brekkie. People seem to have a lot of comments on bananas. I don't know. Some say they make your boobs big, some say it's high in calories, some say you'll grow a banana if you eat too much of those.

Wut. I just bring it because it's a very portable fruit. Peel and eat.

I asked Dylan if he had a blog. He said no, because it's a lifeless thing to do. I asked him because he he reads my blog. So what, he reads the result of something lifeless? -.-

I hate arguing face to face. I can never keep a straight face nor think fast enough. I will start to smile and smiling is a sign of submission but I cannot help because trying to keep a straight face itself is funny.

Test results out. Depressing. For those who didn't study well enough. But then for those who study well enough, it's depressing to study well enough. You know?!

BM teacher is so stingy with marks. :( Have to follow given answers. It's called subjective questions and will therefore have subjective answers. One of the questions went like, "Pada pendapat anda..." and it is asking for my opinion, so why the puck can't I use my own opinion? Good grief. I gave my reasons but it was wrong because teacher had to follow the answer sheet. For freaking subjective questions.

But luckily. :D I passed Sivic. Under 60 marks and you're in for some serious correction exercise. Like a few hundred serious. Shao Yang is willing to bribe me with food to do it for him. Vincent has to do it for Guat Tyng because he wouldn't pass it without her. Theng Loo was like, yay, one down, 571 more to go.

Ho hum. Nothing much. Gonna be holidays soon.


Will go back to practising piano. One of the middle A is getting glitchy. Hammer not working properly and whatnot. Damn potong steam ok! Playing through a piece nicely, and then missed the A. And then I get annoyed and slam on the keys.


Sunday, 22 August 2010


Inception. The movie made me like Christopher Nolan even more. Confusing but fine as long as you don't try to grasp minute details.

At the beginning of the movie everyone was settled down, and then I thought the guy in the beginning was using Cantonese. Told Mei Yen. The guy repeated something clearly in japanese. Mei Yen to me: Japanese la, *badword*.

And then we burst into laughter, and the silence of other people made a tension, and the tension made us harder to control our laughs.

This movie was about using dreams to control people's mind, and then Mei Yen said it was controlling my bladder, which was true.

Natalie told me beforehand that if you miss any of it you'll find the movie hard to understand, so I stand and stand the need to relieve.

And then we were running back to the toilet, because the damned exit led us to the car park. And then Mei Yen was also laughing at the urgency of it, and you know laughing makes it even harder to control your bladder.

This was taken in a hurry, like 10 minutes before the movie. Pssh. Went with 8 people but mostly spilt up.

After that it was pretty late. Saw Jin Fye while getting kebab. His sis is going to participate Amazing Race! Wondering if I'll catch her on TV.

Followed to to pool club or something. Or was it snooker? I don't know. Wei Kien and Vincent were there. Didn't realise there was such a club in 1U. A lil stuffy in there. Jin Fye kept trying to take pics of Vincent for the facegoo thingy but repeated failed. Hahaha.

Saw Sim Kuan, Sarah and Yen Yi at Sushi King. 1U Sushi King isn't good, Metro Prima's one way better! Sushi Zanmai is the way to go. But Mei Yen insist on Sushi King. Ate at Zanmai earlier.

OK anyways, haven't seen Sarah in a while, nice to bump into her. Asked Sim Kuan whether she wanted to go 1U but she kept saying "see first". Yen Yi wore makeup, which was surprising because I am a noob with makeup.

And then Vincent Wei Kien Jin Fye came and we were all outside. Took a photo. And then I went home. And it was silly because later we came back again for dinner. Brother was in 1U.

And so when I finally came home I dropped onto the bed. And woke up at 7 plus on a Sunday, which is unheard of.

Mei Yen had accidentially let Chuckie out, and in my stupid dream I kept chasing back Chuckie. And then after Inception you wonder if anyone will do something in your dreams.

Kk, won't bore you with more craps. Gonna go dress for church. I think Xuan was staying up too late yesterday or something. Wanted to go Church with me but said she'll join next week.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lunch drama

Things got pretty interesting today during lunch.

Was sitting at the big joined table. Jun Wen was saying that some random guy added her on facebook and started trying to "get to know her". And then after a while, Siet Yen was talking about web-camming with her dad's worker.

And then a few got surprised and whatnot and then Ding made jokes about it saying she was special. It was funny until Siet Yen got very mad and threw her cup of milo at Ding, and then everyone in the canteen stared because the cup landed on the floor with a thud.

Hahahaha. And then Ding accidentially hit Evon while trying to clean himself up, and he left a milo mark on Evon's shirt and Evon got annoyed. And then Jin Fye got annoyed because he doesn't like Evon getting mad at him and then he scolded Ding in class.

But it was OK after that. :D

When people had chinese exam we were pretty free. Played the electric current game. Quite fun but get sweaty hands. And poor thing if you get someone who regularly picks his pimple/ is a bit unhygienic.

Speaking of unhygenic, I saw Kwok Shien picking his nose. He was sitting far, but right at the opposite of me. How dare he pick his nose! Well as I said, I have a penchant for noticing disgusting shits. My eyes will rove over you to detect any peculiarities.

Then afterward there was dancing. Mei Yen was the one who taught the moves, to Vincent and Weng Hock. The "Are you ready?" dance. And then halfway she laughed. And the people laughed really hard because of the way her throat move or something like that. "Iguana", Shao Yang said.

Now I shall go run the dogs.

Tata! ;D

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Pink cute shits.

Aww. Ordered them from eBay. The DS cover was like less than RM30 and I saw the same type sold for RM129 at Ikano. -.- A new 3D DS may come out soon, but I don't think I'll buy it.

I like to customise stuff. Especially the iPhone, because millions other have it. And it's hard to differentiate when there are 3 other iPhones in the house. The mirror screen cover is like magic. Serious mirror action! I'm not pretty but I like looking in the mirror. It's like a habit. :D

School was boring. Test, test. I am feeling bored and unsure. I cannot say how was test because sometimes you assume you've done well, but it's actually the opposite.

Went to Jusco supermarket. Om nom nom nom! The stupid canteen. The new operator sucks so bad. They have only one island counter in use and they're trying to feed hundreds of students. Everytime nasi lemak, nasi lemak. What else do they have? Nasi campur.

HMPH. I missed the old one. Even though sometimes the price are irregular and more expensive. Even though I have to wait and see which day they'll serve Assam Laksa. And there was Chee Cheong Fun and Chicken Rice.

:((((( I'm gonna bring my own food now. The breakfast from canteen does not satisfy me, and then I come home hungry. Bitch. I hate being hungry. The Malays are puasa-ing now and Pn.Ziana was assigned to duty at the canteen. Aww. They have it worse.

Watched a video of military men returning and surprising their loved ones. Awww. So so touching. Most of them hugged. But those are ones which are desperate for contact because they've been separated for so long.

And oh my gosh I'm bored. It's like waiting and waiting for something explosive to happen.

This thing I found on tumblr suits the moment. But really it's so much easier to give advice than to follow advice. :/

Monday, 16 August 2010


Atm Sim Kuan & I have each other as profile pictures. When we have a convo on fb it looks lesbanite.

I am studying for monthly test because it's easier to score. Thou it's just monthly test. But dang, easy to score when you know what chapter is selected. I don't believe the As on report card denote how intelligent a person is, just whether they put in enough effort or not.

Now I only have to study a few specific chapters. Minimal effort, maximum result, I like! But,, I was studying maths and went to play pokemon. -.-

HAHAHAHA POKEMON. I choose Cyndaquil!

Xuan was at my house just now. Asked her if she played pokemon. She looked at me, stunned. Oh I got her blog link too. :) And Kok Leong told me he reads my blog. Me & Jun Wen started calling him "Yam Lo", he's mucho different from Form 3.

Might sign up for Japanese lessons at Mei Yen's sister's tuition centre. She's making a lot of Bestarians go. Ask her if you're interested. But ever since she's helping the tuition thingy she's like stressed out. Poo poo. No fun.

And, oh. Funny thing doing maths. A question I didn't know, asked Oscar and he didn't know. Asked Theng Loo and he knew. The irony is that Oscar got A, but Theng Loo apparently failed math.

I used to love math, but after the Mrs. New era(remember her?) I started hating numbers. But oh my gosh, sad to say this, but maths can fun. Hahahha. OK. I'm going to start studying now.


And then tomorrow's test, and you've got to stick your ass to chair for one LOOOONNNNG day.


Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Oh why, the counter thing hit 3k.


Some bloggers dislike readers though. Like Sim Kuan and Jason. Sim Kuan made her blog private, and I wonder if it'll stay like that eternally. Aww. I still miss reading her blog. Jason has a blog but he never tells anyone about it. Hmph.

During lunch today there was a commotion, I saw it earlier than most, came up early. One of the windows in 4 Arts 2 was intentionally smashed.

The story is like this; Jack and Suki were alone at class during lunch, and they're a couple, so of course they don't stay away from each other. En.Hari passed by and saw, and asked them to get out of class before he takes action.

Asked why he had an arm over Suki or something like that, and Jack answered that he wanted to take her glasses. Then En.Hari asked who was he to take her glasses, to which Jack replied, "Mengapa tak boleh?" (Why cannot?)

Later Suki was summoned to En.Hari office and he lectured her not to be so intimate with a guy at school and stuff like that. Suki was OK and admitted her mistake and whatnot. During the time she was lectured Jack took a piece of wood and smashed it through the window.

So this is the story. Told by En.Hari himself! :D

Didn't see it happen. When I came up all that was there was broken shards of glass and two teachers. One sweeping and one taking photos. Like Crime Scene Investigation. Hahahha. Jack was still OK and smiling before lunch. He even said that my new hairstyle looked nice. :D

During Accounts today it was very funny. People were running out of "Lejar" papers. Jin Fye furtively tried to give Ding lejar. En.Hari was facing the whiteboard and didn't seem notice. After a while, he turned and asked, "Siapa tak ada lejar?".

Then the supplier got punished. Jin Fye's excuse was that Ding threatened to rape him if he didn't give it to him. The funniest thing was that he pronounces rape as RAP.

And now, if you're reading, try pronounching Irish Wristwatch. See if it sounds like irishwishwash. :D Mei yen tried it and we struggled not to laugh because it was during History and everyone was quiet.

And also Vincent took lejar from Gary. En.Hari didn't know who was the supplier, so he kept torturing Vincent. Damn hilarious. He didn't want to betray Gary but after the 4th time or so he blurted out his name.

And then Mei Yen was laughing all the way. Her damn laugh. You have to hear it to know it. Like smell, it's not something easily described by words. Umm. Let's try. It's a coarse high-pitched shout then goes like, "Ahhh-HAAAAAA!" Sometimes they call it the chicken laugh, but it sounds a little like a chicken getting slaughtered. I love hearing her laugh.

Her sister is opening a tuition centre and she's recruiting people from our school to join. Alpha Enrichment Centre I think. Several people has signed up. I'm thinking Japanese or French. Fikri wants to go to French class even though he's good at French. He wants to show off and see if the teacher is good. Lol.

During break, sat with Sim Kuan and Yen Yi and this primary girl. I think she's Std1 but she's big. She stays at the canteen during Wednesday mostly, and the last time I saw her, she was crying.

Um. A bit of a special child. And she piled some sausages and nuggets on her plate, then went through the counter without paying. It's like she didn't know that we have to pay to obtain food. The canteen operator tells us that it's not the first time she's done this.

And then later a teacher came to take her away. I ate during lunch and break today. I think it's better that way. I'm not hungry now.

And oh, I think I'm out the "zombie-ish lifeless phase now".

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Today was fine. :D

Lol. Pizza came the moment I finish typing "I'm waiting for pizza delivery". Trying island supreme for the 1st time. Not bad, but I think I like Hawaiian Tuna more. Lime mayonaise sauce. YUMMMM.

And I rightfully deserve this because I only had plain ol' bread for the whole day. Oops. Some of the sauce went to my shirt. :o

Kula complained that my previous blog post wasn't long enough. So this post is dedicated to you. :D Yesterday there was a surprise spot check done by En.Harri and En.Yoges. Only my class got it, and it was unusual since there were no prefects involved. Said that someone tipped them off that ppl in class always bring handphones and whatnot.

In the end, 3 phones got rampas. They missed out a few!

Wei Kien, Kwok Shien and Jin Fye's phones got confiscated. Uh, I think they're not too good with handling handphones. This is the 2nd time Wei Kien's phone got confiscated and both Kwok Shien and Jin Fye have had their phones stolen this year.

They can only get it back by the end of the year. I got my phone confiscated once while I was using my phone in the toilet to tell my dad I would be staying back. I was behind a shower curtain and Jun Wen kept on opening and closing it because she was bored, then a prefect came in. Only had to ask my dad to come and take back the phone though.

New rule book given out today. Mostly common sense and basically a waste of money. Of course they say that swear word is prohibited, but I see 'Fuck You" written on the whiteboard, along the staircase, on tables and everywhere. There's a fascination with F-word.

And prefects are having good privileges, the penalty point thingy is doubled if the person you hit/whatever is a prefect. Prefects aren't perfect though, see a lot of prefects who swear and bring handphones anyway.

Oh yeah, the funniest rule in the book is the "no plucking eyebrow" one. Seriously? I thought I wouldn't see it in the new book, turns out I was wrong. Umm. Also funny that the punishment for getting a tattoo on YOUR body is the same as commiting ARSON in school.

Enough bout rules. Today I noted something disgusting about Theng Loo. I have (unwanted) penchant for disgusting details whether it's armpit hair or something stuck in the teeth. It's like I scan you, and automatically I try to see if there's anything wrong/out of place. Sorry.

Nice leverage though, and he got pretty embarassed. I would be nicer if he didn't call me UGLY all the freakin time. And then he got so frustrated and called me PRETTY to make me stop. Hahahaha.

Was in library for lunch and we looked through yearbooks. FUN! Funny to see how much has changed. I think girls start to take care of their appearance AFTER primary school, while guys go through a awkward growing up phase during Form 2 and then look good.

There are some who used to look awkward/fat/nerdy but now look GORGEOUS. :)

Umm. Today it was announced that Steven's mother passed away. I knew it earlier only because of facebook! A lot of people asking him to cheer up. Though I think it's hard to cheer up when your mother has passed away.

Yesterday my dad visit a relative's house. Someone died. The corpse will still be in the house. I've only looked at a corpse once in my life. It was my grandfather, and I actually knew him. Well he gave me candy all the time. I cried the moment I saw his corpse. I don't think anybody like looking at a corpse.

Except for those with necrophilia maybe, where people have sexual fetishes for dead bodies. Wonder how they get their fix...

Pn. Nor Lezah came back from her operation and the Commerce draught is ending. Today though, there was no teacher and fortunately Sim Kuan bought her camera. High-quality power shot thingy. Camwhored for whole period. Sim Kuan also said the she'll be doing vlogs now, which is interesting because there's not a person I personally know who does vlogs.

And Wei Kien got scolded today. Actually it was something like this:

Ms Alicia: Don't simply make jokes about people, it's not nice(forgot what exactly)
Wei Kien: So? *offended*
Ms Alicia: So get lost. *rolls eyes*

And you know when there's a fight brewing people will go quiet and watch. This exchange didn't last long though, but Ms Alicia was a little upset.

Wonder if he'll make it third in a row tomorrow! :D

And, didn't make the bet with Kwok Shien today. He refused to give me RM10 if I win but I have to give him RM10 if he wins. Like I'll do a bet where I can only lose money and not win money. Then he said I backed out.

When he approached me his face was feral and his arms were all over the place. Honestly, it's hard to talk like that. He kept using "Mother" because he couldn't use bad words.

OK. This thing is long enough. Ya happy, Kularatnem? :D

Monday, 9 August 2010

Short hair again

If the canteen doesn't come up with something new I'll probably get either too fat or too thin. Either gorge on oily food or stay away from oily food. I still miss the old operator's Laksa.

I feel like a zombie. And I blog less now, but I'm still active compared to other bloggers. I'm wondering how I could blog everyday last time. Ho-hum. Prolly cause there was more happenings. Some reason, it feels like after 6 months, things have been going downhill from there. Oh boy I'm sleepy.

Cut my hair short, and some were like, "You cut your hair?!". Umm. Obvious. Rhetorical statement? Some said it was "cute", Jin Fye said it's better than before and he secretly thought my old hairstyle looked messy. Others had averse reaction like Wei Kien, but he is being like a man on period. No seriously.

He got scolded by 3 people. Was scolding a lot of bad words and shouting all over the place. Actually most guys in my class are like that. Guys think that it's okay to shout bad words and then smile next. Bet with Kwok Shien RM10 that he will not swear for a day. Doubting he'll win, because he's an automatic bad word water fountain.

Oscar complained about people who said bad words, and when he asked me to find a guy in our form(except for himself and people in Science 1) who doesn't swear at all, I can't find any. Hmn...

Pic of my freshly cut hair. Looks vain, but I need to put it here because I purposely camwhored in the toilet for my blog. So rajin, kan?

Saturday, 7 August 2010

A decade

This is how I look when I was 6.

This is how I look when I'm 16.

This is a decade of difference.

Found these when I was flipping through my photo album. I'm actually lucky to be still alive. I can't believe I'm so old already. It felt like a while ago, I was 10. It's fun to be a child, fun not to know. The less you know, the better.

IDK. And why did my eyes get so far apart?

And I think I shall crop my hair short again. It may be a little hotter but I don't have to tie my hair when I go to school. I have a fat face, and I need some hair to frame it. Actually I just wanted to cut my fringe but Shu Yin wondered why not I cut my hair short again, and so why not?

There was also Eunice's prophecy where she said I was going into the path of darkness and then growing my hair longer and longer and then I break down crying.

My hair grows really fast though. Nicole and I had the same length for a while but both of us started growing it and mine is almost 2x longer.

Also fast growing nails too. Yesterday, used them a little too much. Nam's skin came off after I dug my nails into his arm. Umm. I think he was laughing at me. But OK la that was a little too much damage and I did apologize. And then I used it on Theng Loo too, because he kept thinking he was Bruce Lee and used me as an opponent. Ugh. Like Ding. And then I grabbed his arm when he was throwing air punches. Later when we were writing he called me, and on his book there was like a spot of blood and I'm like, "Hahahaha blood came out!". But very tiny spot only!

Simone is also switching to Science 1 next year. She said she'll drop Chem and Bio, but then it would make more sense to stay in Science 2 since she's taking Acc(right?) and I was like, "What...?" and then the true reason was she'd like being in Science 1 better...

School is so-so. Dang, it's a bit like waiting for something to happen. But you're not exactly sure of what that something is. Poo. Test next next week. Malaysia's education system suck. We're all studying just to pass the test, and then after you pass that test, the aim is done, and there's little point in retaining what you studied. Sit and listen, sit and listen. Input input, no output.


Thursday, 5 August 2010


Money, root of all evils? Not sure, but for this case, sure!

Yesterday, Chun Yen lost his wallet. He freaked about it and wanted to do a spot-check. Lost it in class, during lesson. Which means...


He went on to check all of our bags, but of course it ain't there. A few people had gone out during lesson. IDK. Chun Yen's suspecting someone, but I can't say it. See, what really bothers me is that one of my classmate is a thief. Probably an addicted one, good grief.

Four handphones lost this year, including mine. Poo poo. Stupid to leave handphones in the class. Yeurgh. Those who lost their handphones point their fingers at one particular person, but really it's hard to say for sure.

A little bit like, you think you know who, and you feel angry, but you're scared that you're wrong. If you point fingers it's like stealing a person's reputation, and thieves are lowly creatures.

Tuan Haji came outside our class and ask the person who took Chun Yen's wallet to surrender it. Of course no one did. No spot check. Thief got away.

Today, Chun Yen found back his wallet, it was with Pn.Shima. One of the cleaners found it in the toilet and gave it. There was only RM20 inside the wallet, and it was gone. His I.C. was still in.

Fikri says that I.C can be sold in the "black market" for RM1k. Didn't know that. 0.0

Well Chun Yen was very worried about his I.C because if he'd lost it his parents will get mad. And so the thief noticed his frustrations and left the wallet in the toilet. It's very stupid to risk his/her reputation for a mere 20 bucks. WTF, seriously? That's all his reputation is worth?

And of course I'm angry. This is the 6th case of stolen shits(plus the one where Kwok Shien lost his DSLR) that has happen in my class. Prolly the same person, and he's probably so thrilled from getting away so many times. I sincerely wish that karma will strike him in his smelly ass.

Umm. OK. Done ranting.

School is fine. Mei Yen's been a bit moody and tired lately. Why is everyone so lethargic? Please don't let it be this way all year long.

Told Shao Yang to bring Astro View and he read it during Accounts. Confiscated by En.Hari. And Kar Man is being pushy as new probation prefect. Secretly hoping she doesn't become a prefect for real. Lol. Theng Loo getting victimised. Wei Kien and Chun Yen keeps on scolding him and asking him to shut up. Liked Wei Kien's facebook status when he said he was sick. Because he always scold others, I am glad when he has sore throat. :D

Dylan said "Bitch". I used the bitch=nature=beautiful and so, thank you. Then he went on to use natural disasters to describe nature. Forgot why he called me that, but after coming to Science 2 it's becoming a habit to insult people. I should stop. I don't want my mouth to be the girl version of Dylan/Theng Loo.

And you know I always wondered why do people get so emo when they're in love. Or more specifically, unreciprocated love. Now I know. Liking a person is stupid. I hate it. I want to be in control of what my mind think or feel.

But at this age, I don't think we're in love with anyone. We're not being someone just for the sake of it. We're being with someone because we like how they make us feel. And that's selfish.

^This is proven true. I was sad, remembered about this, and the first came out of my left eye. But only one tear came out. Hahahha. I don't like crying. Especially in public.

Once in a while though, it's good to let it ALL OUT. :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Bye bye Hello Kitty(too generic). Rilakkuma is my new love now.

I don't worship idols like actors and singers. I follow cute characters. The Japanese makes the cutest things ever.

Speaking of which, there's a cultural exchange programme. We had 2 Japanese dudes in our class today. They're pretty shy, prolly because it's so alien being in Malaysia. And there's the language barrier.

I've been tumbling a lot recently. I've been pretty lifeless recently. I dunno, I dunno. :)


He also looks a little clueless in a carefree way. I like Korilakkuma more thou. She could be Rilakkuma's girlfriend. The one in white. Found those pics on Tumblr. Oyea, I also have a blog on Tumblr.

It's not really a personal blog, and it won't replace this one. Tumblr is good for posting pictures. I dedicate it to Slyvanian Families.

Sweet, no? I use Photoscape to make the picture look nicer. Auto Level, Auto Contrast, Sharpen and done!

I want a DSLR real bad.

And I spent a while Rilakkuma-fying my stuff. Basically stickers. From Kinokuniya, again.

Umm. I also did the calculator. I hope it makes Maths more tolerable. AND purple pens are the best, always. Electric blue ones suck. So jarring I feel like ripping off whatever paper it has contaminated.