Saturday, 7 August 2010

A decade

This is how I look when I was 6.

This is how I look when I'm 16.

This is a decade of difference.

Found these when I was flipping through my photo album. I'm actually lucky to be still alive. I can't believe I'm so old already. It felt like a while ago, I was 10. It's fun to be a child, fun not to know. The less you know, the better.

IDK. And why did my eyes get so far apart?

And I think I shall crop my hair short again. It may be a little hotter but I don't have to tie my hair when I go to school. I have a fat face, and I need some hair to frame it. Actually I just wanted to cut my fringe but Shu Yin wondered why not I cut my hair short again, and so why not?

There was also Eunice's prophecy where she said I was going into the path of darkness and then growing my hair longer and longer and then I break down crying.

My hair grows really fast though. Nicole and I had the same length for a while but both of us started growing it and mine is almost 2x longer.

Also fast growing nails too. Yesterday, used them a little too much. Nam's skin came off after I dug my nails into his arm. Umm. I think he was laughing at me. But OK la that was a little too much damage and I did apologize. And then I used it on Theng Loo too, because he kept thinking he was Bruce Lee and used me as an opponent. Ugh. Like Ding. And then I grabbed his arm when he was throwing air punches. Later when we were writing he called me, and on his book there was like a spot of blood and I'm like, "Hahahaha blood came out!". But very tiny spot only!

Simone is also switching to Science 1 next year. She said she'll drop Chem and Bio, but then it would make more sense to stay in Science 2 since she's taking Acc(right?) and I was like, "What...?" and then the true reason was she'd like being in Science 1 better...

School is so-so. Dang, it's a bit like waiting for something to happen. But you're not exactly sure of what that something is. Poo. Test next next week. Malaysia's education system suck. We're all studying just to pass the test, and then after you pass that test, the aim is done, and there's little point in retaining what you studied. Sit and listen, sit and listen. Input input, no output.


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