Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I am very full. People remarked that my breakfast looks very healthy and shit but what they don't know is that I can't help gorging food at home. Because dinner is no fun to eat. Soggy vegetables. Yuck.

Banana and cereals for brekkie. People seem to have a lot of comments on bananas. I don't know. Some say they make your boobs big, some say it's high in calories, some say you'll grow a banana if you eat too much of those.

Wut. I just bring it because it's a very portable fruit. Peel and eat.

I asked Dylan if he had a blog. He said no, because it's a lifeless thing to do. I asked him because he he reads my blog. So what, he reads the result of something lifeless? -.-

I hate arguing face to face. I can never keep a straight face nor think fast enough. I will start to smile and smiling is a sign of submission but I cannot help because trying to keep a straight face itself is funny.

Test results out. Depressing. For those who didn't study well enough. But then for those who study well enough, it's depressing to study well enough. You know?!

BM teacher is so stingy with marks. :( Have to follow given answers. It's called subjective questions and will therefore have subjective answers. One of the questions went like, "Pada pendapat anda..." and it is asking for my opinion, so why the puck can't I use my own opinion? Good grief. I gave my reasons but it was wrong because teacher had to follow the answer sheet. For freaking subjective questions.

But luckily. :D I passed Sivic. Under 60 marks and you're in for some serious correction exercise. Like a few hundred serious. Shao Yang is willing to bribe me with food to do it for him. Vincent has to do it for Guat Tyng because he wouldn't pass it without her. Theng Loo was like, yay, one down, 571 more to go.

Ho hum. Nothing much. Gonna be holidays soon.


Will go back to practising piano. One of the middle A is getting glitchy. Hammer not working properly and whatnot. Damn potong steam ok! Playing through a piece nicely, and then missed the A. And then I get annoyed and slam on the keys.


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