Sunday, 22 August 2010


Inception. The movie made me like Christopher Nolan even more. Confusing but fine as long as you don't try to grasp minute details.

At the beginning of the movie everyone was settled down, and then I thought the guy in the beginning was using Cantonese. Told Mei Yen. The guy repeated something clearly in japanese. Mei Yen to me: Japanese la, *badword*.

And then we burst into laughter, and the silence of other people made a tension, and the tension made us harder to control our laughs.

This movie was about using dreams to control people's mind, and then Mei Yen said it was controlling my bladder, which was true.

Natalie told me beforehand that if you miss any of it you'll find the movie hard to understand, so I stand and stand the need to relieve.

And then we were running back to the toilet, because the damned exit led us to the car park. And then Mei Yen was also laughing at the urgency of it, and you know laughing makes it even harder to control your bladder.

This was taken in a hurry, like 10 minutes before the movie. Pssh. Went with 8 people but mostly spilt up.

After that it was pretty late. Saw Jin Fye while getting kebab. His sis is going to participate Amazing Race! Wondering if I'll catch her on TV.

Followed to to pool club or something. Or was it snooker? I don't know. Wei Kien and Vincent were there. Didn't realise there was such a club in 1U. A lil stuffy in there. Jin Fye kept trying to take pics of Vincent for the facegoo thingy but repeated failed. Hahaha.

Saw Sim Kuan, Sarah and Yen Yi at Sushi King. 1U Sushi King isn't good, Metro Prima's one way better! Sushi Zanmai is the way to go. But Mei Yen insist on Sushi King. Ate at Zanmai earlier.

OK anyways, haven't seen Sarah in a while, nice to bump into her. Asked Sim Kuan whether she wanted to go 1U but she kept saying "see first". Yen Yi wore makeup, which was surprising because I am a noob with makeup.

And then Vincent Wei Kien Jin Fye came and we were all outside. Took a photo. And then I went home. And it was silly because later we came back again for dinner. Brother was in 1U.

And so when I finally came home I dropped onto the bed. And woke up at 7 plus on a Sunday, which is unheard of.

Mei Yen had accidentially let Chuckie out, and in my stupid dream I kept chasing back Chuckie. And then after Inception you wonder if anyone will do something in your dreams.

Kk, won't bore you with more craps. Gonna go dress for church. I think Xuan was staying up too late yesterday or something. Wanted to go Church with me but said she'll join next week.


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