Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Pink cute shits.

Aww. Ordered them from eBay. The DS cover was like less than RM30 and I saw the same type sold for RM129 at Ikano. -.- A new 3D DS may come out soon, but I don't think I'll buy it.

I like to customise stuff. Especially the iPhone, because millions other have it. And it's hard to differentiate when there are 3 other iPhones in the house. The mirror screen cover is like magic. Serious mirror action! I'm not pretty but I like looking in the mirror. It's like a habit. :D

School was boring. Test, test. I am feeling bored and unsure. I cannot say how was test because sometimes you assume you've done well, but it's actually the opposite.

Went to Jusco supermarket. Om nom nom nom! The stupid canteen. The new operator sucks so bad. They have only one island counter in use and they're trying to feed hundreds of students. Everytime nasi lemak, nasi lemak. What else do they have? Nasi campur.

HMPH. I missed the old one. Even though sometimes the price are irregular and more expensive. Even though I have to wait and see which day they'll serve Assam Laksa. And there was Chee Cheong Fun and Chicken Rice.

:((((( I'm gonna bring my own food now. The breakfast from canteen does not satisfy me, and then I come home hungry. Bitch. I hate being hungry. The Malays are puasa-ing now and Pn.Ziana was assigned to duty at the canteen. Aww. They have it worse.

Watched a video of military men returning and surprising their loved ones. Awww. So so touching. Most of them hugged. But those are ones which are desperate for contact because they've been separated for so long.

And oh my gosh I'm bored. It's like waiting and waiting for something explosive to happen.

This thing I found on tumblr suits the moment. But really it's so much easier to give advice than to follow advice. :/

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