Sunday, 29 August 2010


Xuan came to church with me today. I know 4 people who go by the name "Sean"(well different spellings).

Um. I think this is one of those things which will bring a chain reaction. Xuan will be coming to church with me next week too. :)

Went to eat dim sum at Mandarin Oriental.


I almost forgot how the toilet looks like.

I think it holds the record for most mirrors in a toilet. All four walls, boom. I like it. I can see so many of me. Though it was creepy to be there alone. Eh, it's also creepy to blog about toilets...

The main point of going to Mandarin Oriental was for the mooncakes really. They're the best, darnest best that I've ever tasted in my mouth. Snow skin pandan om nom nom nom!

Pondered on what book to buy for a long long time. is good for finding book reviews.

I am sleepy. Ho. Xuan slept around 3 last night, too.

On the way home Mei Yen asked me if I wanted to go Genting. Ooooh, sleepy. Too sleepy to have any more fun.

tata, :)

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