Monday, 16 August 2010


Atm Sim Kuan & I have each other as profile pictures. When we have a convo on fb it looks lesbanite.

I am studying for monthly test because it's easier to score. Thou it's just monthly test. But dang, easy to score when you know what chapter is selected. I don't believe the As on report card denote how intelligent a person is, just whether they put in enough effort or not.

Now I only have to study a few specific chapters. Minimal effort, maximum result, I like! But,, I was studying maths and went to play pokemon. -.-

HAHAHAHA POKEMON. I choose Cyndaquil!

Xuan was at my house just now. Asked her if she played pokemon. She looked at me, stunned. Oh I got her blog link too. :) And Kok Leong told me he reads my blog. Me & Jun Wen started calling him "Yam Lo", he's mucho different from Form 3.

Might sign up for Japanese lessons at Mei Yen's sister's tuition centre. She's making a lot of Bestarians go. Ask her if you're interested. But ever since she's helping the tuition thingy she's like stressed out. Poo poo. No fun.

And, oh. Funny thing doing maths. A question I didn't know, asked Oscar and he didn't know. Asked Theng Loo and he knew. The irony is that Oscar got A, but Theng Loo apparently failed math.

I used to love math, but after the Mrs. New era(remember her?) I started hating numbers. But oh my gosh, sad to say this, but maths can fun. Hahahha. OK. I'm going to start studying now.


And then tomorrow's test, and you've got to stick your ass to chair for one LOOOONNNNG day.


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