Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Oh why, the counter thing hit 3k.


Some bloggers dislike readers though. Like Sim Kuan and Jason. Sim Kuan made her blog private, and I wonder if it'll stay like that eternally. Aww. I still miss reading her blog. Jason has a blog but he never tells anyone about it. Hmph.

During lunch today there was a commotion, I saw it earlier than most, came up early. One of the windows in 4 Arts 2 was intentionally smashed.

The story is like this; Jack and Suki were alone at class during lunch, and they're a couple, so of course they don't stay away from each other. En.Hari passed by and saw, and asked them to get out of class before he takes action.

Asked why he had an arm over Suki or something like that, and Jack answered that he wanted to take her glasses. Then En.Hari asked who was he to take her glasses, to which Jack replied, "Mengapa tak boleh?" (Why cannot?)

Later Suki was summoned to En.Hari office and he lectured her not to be so intimate with a guy at school and stuff like that. Suki was OK and admitted her mistake and whatnot. During the time she was lectured Jack took a piece of wood and smashed it through the window.

So this is the story. Told by En.Hari himself! :D

Didn't see it happen. When I came up all that was there was broken shards of glass and two teachers. One sweeping and one taking photos. Like Crime Scene Investigation. Hahahha. Jack was still OK and smiling before lunch. He even said that my new hairstyle looked nice. :D

During Accounts today it was very funny. People were running out of "Lejar" papers. Jin Fye furtively tried to give Ding lejar. En.Hari was facing the whiteboard and didn't seem notice. After a while, he turned and asked, "Siapa tak ada lejar?".

Then the supplier got punished. Jin Fye's excuse was that Ding threatened to rape him if he didn't give it to him. The funniest thing was that he pronounces rape as RAP.

And now, if you're reading, try pronounching Irish Wristwatch. See if it sounds like irishwishwash. :D Mei yen tried it and we struggled not to laugh because it was during History and everyone was quiet.

And also Vincent took lejar from Gary. En.Hari didn't know who was the supplier, so he kept torturing Vincent. Damn hilarious. He didn't want to betray Gary but after the 4th time or so he blurted out his name.

And then Mei Yen was laughing all the way. Her damn laugh. You have to hear it to know it. Like smell, it's not something easily described by words. Umm. Let's try. It's a coarse high-pitched shout then goes like, "Ahhh-HAAAAAA!" Sometimes they call it the chicken laugh, but it sounds a little like a chicken getting slaughtered. I love hearing her laugh.

Her sister is opening a tuition centre and she's recruiting people from our school to join. Alpha Enrichment Centre I think. Several people has signed up. I'm thinking Japanese or French. Fikri wants to go to French class even though he's good at French. He wants to show off and see if the teacher is good. Lol.

During break, sat with Sim Kuan and Yen Yi and this primary girl. I think she's Std1 but she's big. She stays at the canteen during Wednesday mostly, and the last time I saw her, she was crying.

Um. A bit of a special child. And she piled some sausages and nuggets on her plate, then went through the counter without paying. It's like she didn't know that we have to pay to obtain food. The canteen operator tells us that it's not the first time she's done this.

And then later a teacher came to take her away. I ate during lunch and break today. I think it's better that way. I'm not hungry now.

And oh, I think I'm out the "zombie-ish lifeless phase now".

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