Thursday, 5 August 2010


Money, root of all evils? Not sure, but for this case, sure!

Yesterday, Chun Yen lost his wallet. He freaked about it and wanted to do a spot-check. Lost it in class, during lesson. Which means...


He went on to check all of our bags, but of course it ain't there. A few people had gone out during lesson. IDK. Chun Yen's suspecting someone, but I can't say it. See, what really bothers me is that one of my classmate is a thief. Probably an addicted one, good grief.

Four handphones lost this year, including mine. Poo poo. Stupid to leave handphones in the class. Yeurgh. Those who lost their handphones point their fingers at one particular person, but really it's hard to say for sure.

A little bit like, you think you know who, and you feel angry, but you're scared that you're wrong. If you point fingers it's like stealing a person's reputation, and thieves are lowly creatures.

Tuan Haji came outside our class and ask the person who took Chun Yen's wallet to surrender it. Of course no one did. No spot check. Thief got away.

Today, Chun Yen found back his wallet, it was with Pn.Shima. One of the cleaners found it in the toilet and gave it. There was only RM20 inside the wallet, and it was gone. His I.C. was still in.

Fikri says that I.C can be sold in the "black market" for RM1k. Didn't know that. 0.0

Well Chun Yen was very worried about his I.C because if he'd lost it his parents will get mad. And so the thief noticed his frustrations and left the wallet in the toilet. It's very stupid to risk his/her reputation for a mere 20 bucks. WTF, seriously? That's all his reputation is worth?

And of course I'm angry. This is the 6th case of stolen shits(plus the one where Kwok Shien lost his DSLR) that has happen in my class. Prolly the same person, and he's probably so thrilled from getting away so many times. I sincerely wish that karma will strike him in his smelly ass.

Umm. OK. Done ranting.

School is fine. Mei Yen's been a bit moody and tired lately. Why is everyone so lethargic? Please don't let it be this way all year long.

Told Shao Yang to bring Astro View and he read it during Accounts. Confiscated by En.Hari. And Kar Man is being pushy as new probation prefect. Secretly hoping she doesn't become a prefect for real. Lol. Theng Loo getting victimised. Wei Kien and Chun Yen keeps on scolding him and asking him to shut up. Liked Wei Kien's facebook status when he said he was sick. Because he always scold others, I am glad when he has sore throat. :D

Dylan said "Bitch". I used the bitch=nature=beautiful and so, thank you. Then he went on to use natural disasters to describe nature. Forgot why he called me that, but after coming to Science 2 it's becoming a habit to insult people. I should stop. I don't want my mouth to be the girl version of Dylan/Theng Loo.

And you know I always wondered why do people get so emo when they're in love. Or more specifically, unreciprocated love. Now I know. Liking a person is stupid. I hate it. I want to be in control of what my mind think or feel.

But at this age, I don't think we're in love with anyone. We're not being someone just for the sake of it. We're being with someone because we like how they make us feel. And that's selfish.

^This is proven true. I was sad, remembered about this, and the first came out of my left eye. But only one tear came out. Hahahha. I don't like crying. Especially in public.

Once in a while though, it's good to let it ALL OUT. :)

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