Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Holidays soon! Stayyyyying at home. Life's getting to a stagnant phase, though in a relaxing way.

I cannot understand when people tell me they're bored to be at home. One can feel cooped up, but I always find stuff to do.

Piano. Food. Dogs. Tumblr. Sewing. Drawing. Reading.

Hahahaha. Shall be looking forward to holidays.

Today there was performance, news broadcasting. Bleh. Gave us the notice like a week before. Lame! 3 Cekap won. I think they deserve it. My class got 3rd.

The people cheered hard when it came to our dancing part. Because Jin Fye really, really FLAUNTS it. Shakin' it all the way from SNSD to Dancing Queen and whatnot. Lots of people had Justin Bieber in their performance. Most. Woah.

I was the OLEY Reborn girl. Bought bubbles for that. Played with it later in class. Wei Kien thought me to blow huge-ass bubbles. You just have to be very, very patient. Dylan says his uncle can blow a bubble in a bubble.

Is there not a simple pleasure derived from blowing bubbles? Chuckie tries to eat the bubbles when I blow it.

Hmn. Independence Day. Was uneventful. Dunno. I like singing patriotic songs. TANGGAL 31, BULAN 8, 57, MERDEKA, MERDEKA!

Saw the clip of Tunku Abdul Rahman saying Merdeka 7 times during History & Geography Club. The seven times always boggle me. UGGGGHHHH. I tried to FREAKIN' GOOGLE IT. Google always have the answers. Not this time. :(

Damn. Why 7 times? Asked the teacher but they don't know if either. Adults are evasive when they do not know the answer. They say something obscure and generic, like "It's a tradition" or "It's a number they like.". Seriously? -.-

This is a little like a mindf***. Which is when you eff yourself real bad trying to figure out something.

Let me drop one in your way:

Violence is never the answer. Therefore, when someone ask you what is never the answer, you cannot say violence is never the answer because violence is never the answer.

Figure that out. Pfft.

Though I was in patriotic spirits, when I came home there was a video on facebook asking Chinese to get out of Malaysia if they don't like it because it's a Muslim country. In the Parliament. People shouting all over the place.

Pn.Rohaya says things really heat up during the debate but after that they forgot about it, like there's different identities in and out of the parliament.

I dunno. Racism is always prevalent in a multi-racial country. I confess this, I AM A RACIST. Sorry! But I won't reveal what I'm racist of, I'll keep that to myself.

Why I think racism happens is like this:
The Malays think this is exclusively their country. Heck, note MALAYsia.
The Chinese think they're building the economy and feel jealous of the privileges the Malays are getting.

I dunno. That's what I think. But it's impossible to sum up one race with a statement, because a race is made up of individuals and individuals are always different. Best to just say, "There's just one race, that is the Human Race!". Heard this from Vincent.

Well. I'll continue reading my book now. The Museum of Innocence. Was interesting at the beginning but now it's like the main character just whines over and over again and pines about his lost. Good grief, move on already.

Found this website, Goodreads. Good for finding reviews for books. I gave the lowest possible rating(1 star) for "The Last Song" and "Eat, Pray, Love". I am anguish for departing with more than 60 bucks for these 2 lousy books. These, are the books I hate most. If you would like to read them, I am pleased to give it to you.

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. He's famous for The Notebook movie. But never judge a book by it's movie. I read the Walk to Remember and I thought it was OK. Cliched, but I still enjoyed it.

The Last Song was just grossly horrible. Yee Shan liked it though. The main character was just one spoiled immature teen who is rude to her father. The characters were dull and unappealing. Eat, Pray, Love? The whole story was dull and unappealing.

It made me laugh though, when I saw this book called, "Drink, Play, Fuck" next to "Eat, Pray, Love" at Kinokuniya. I reckon the former would be much interesting than the letter.

Well some authors are character-driven, like My Sister's Keeper, some are plot-drive, like Twilight, some are prose-driven, like The Kite Runner. And if you find a book that is good in all three, you're in heaven.

If you are still reading this post I concede that you are an avid reader. Thank you for staying with me. Reading is very very important. YOU KNOW?!

I shall be a nerd and devour books. I shall expand my vocabulary immensely and fill my mind with new stories.


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