Wednesday, 29 September 2010



I think this will be the last one about Zhi Qi.

Today is her funeral. Just came back. It took about 4 hours, but it feels like a very long time.

A lot of people were there. Many of her friends. Saw some from church and my neighbour was there, too. We prayed for her. Sang her songs. We chose "朋友". The lyrics were pretty true:

朋友 一生一起走
那些日子 不再有
一句话 一辈子
一生情 一杯酒
朋友 不曾孤单过
一声朋友 你会懂
还有伤 还有痛
还要走 还有我

It means something like this:
Friends go through life together
Those days, we won't have it anymore
A sentence, a lifetime,
A friendship, a cup of beer,
With friends we will never be lonely,
A word called "friend", you will understand,
There will be hurt, there will be pain
You have to go, though there's still me.

We also cheered for her. The Bestarian cheer. 'Who's the best?" "Ng Zhi Qi! Ng Zhi Qi! Ng Zhi Qi!". And then we did "tabir hormat". We gave a salute, scout style.

Her family put lots of pooh bear to accompany her. Her favourite. They put her school bag, her uniforms. We laid flowers. I put down a white rose. Then the van went around the neighbourhood until we reached the buses. Her brother and cousins pushing the van.

Then we went onto the buses, to go to the crematorium. On the way we passed through Sekolah Sri Bestari. We stopped for a bit. Quite the whole chool was standing outside the gate. Sigh. I think the majority of Form 4 was empty. All in the bus! I saw Pn.Rekha. She cried. See! Even when she used to scold Zhi Qi when she forgot to do her work.

The most painful part was watching her coffin go through the metal shutter. The smoke came out and I thought she was getting cremated in front of our eyes(what, that was a furnace?!). But then I realised it was just an effect. Along with the zingy lights. I hope she's getting transported to heaven. Cried badly. Her brother was very, very sad. Shouted her name.

Later, they showed us where they'll put her ashes. I hope she can truly rest in peace now.

On the way home the mood was a bit lighter I guess, because we cried our hearts out at the crematorium. Even the guys, too. Sometimes they act tough and tease you, but they just keep another side of them hidden. :)

Played with Weng Hock's iPhone 4 on the way home. I wanted to sleep but he tried to take a picture. (The dual camera is so nifty for camwhoring!). Saw a contact called "Leng Lui". Tried to see the picture but he tried to snatch my phone. Then, took a picture of Shao Yang and beat him up. Using an app.

On facebook a lot of people are putting pictures they took with Zhi Qi as an act of obeisance. I used to find her over-the-top when it comes to camwhoring but now I feel glad she took so many pictures.

Appreciate your loved ones!!!

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