Saturday, 18 September 2010


I almost forgot how cute they were.

Went to a relative's house. Someone is getting married, but I'm not sure who they are. Was lazy to go because it's very far.

Saw Yvonne there. Played musical chairs with the kids.

I seldom like kids. I don't have enough patience. But these were like angels!

The brother kept asking us to differentiate the twins. He could identify them everytime. And then he showed us little things that make them different, like Rachel's a little taller because she was born first but she's more shy, and that Ri-Ann's sleeve was a little different even though they were decked out in matching outfits.

Hahaha. I learned to differentiate them. :D

Sigh. They're such an embodiment of unbridled youth. I wonder when did the world started to have more blacks than white.

I don't like being inexplicably sad and having mood swings. And then I think stupid things, like about my dog dying and someone's dying because I couldn't reach their cellphone.

I'm not scared of dying myself, but I'm scared of other people dying.


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