Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Oh hi. :D

I don't ever remember Mooncake Festival being on a weekday. It feels odd, like nothing's happening at all.

Just woke up. Sigh. Those pics were from Form 1! I remember getting so excited to play lanterns. I want to celebrate Mooncake Festival. :(

What makes it complete? Tea, mooncakes, lanterns, candles, your family and the moon.

There was some argument today. Whole gang at Arts 2 "discussing". Conflicts are delicious to divulge into, but I won't want to be a the center of it. Confrontation is tiring.

Basically they were trying to make out who stole Nicole's phone, but I don't get why so many people were involved. Between Ding and Fikri, they say it's Fikri, and he's pretty scared because Nicole's boyfriend wants to come and get him and whatnot.

Actually the longer story was phone and money lost. Fikri returned phone and said Ding was also involved, and then other people were trying to make out who was the culprit. And then Fikri says he'll pay the money. But then others say that Fikri won't blame Ding for no reason.

Earlier sometime Xuan's money also got stolen, but Nakheel returned it because he didn't want Wesley to beat him up. :o But then someone else says that Nakheel just saw the money on someone's table so he picked it up meaning to give Tuan Haji.

Shits get stolen all the time, which is puzzling. It's not like their parents aren't rich and leave their kids indigent. Or, the point is not solely to obtain money but succeed in getting away with a crime? :/

Oh well. There's a secret language in our class, which sounds like Tamil no matter what language you're trying to speak.

And I have succeeded bring food for schol 3 days in a row now! Canteen food is uber heartbreaking useless. I think my tummy has gotten flatter! Hahaha. Brought cereals and yogurt and bluberries. I think I'll bring instant porridge thingy tomorrow. :D

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