Saturday, 4 September 2010


Watched Piranha today.

It's suprisingly 18+. Thought it was for violence but there was also a lot of gyrating bikini-clad girls involved. The movie was OK, entertaining enough. Gross, too.

Theng Loo went to bought the tickets initially, but he FAILED. The attendant asked how old he was 18+. He said yes. The attendant asked him to show his I.C. Terrible fail.

Theng Loo is tall, I think it has got to do with his poor command of English and the clothes he wore. Or maybe he isn't a convincing liar, which is a good thing. I'm not good at lying too. Serious. :)

And so Mei Yen lined up again for the tickets. She SUCCEEDED! Her age was not even questioned! Hahaha, I feel proud. Though I was dissapointed she forgot to buy it in 3D. -.-

Went to Cotton On too. Crazy cheap shits! OMG. Like forever 21 but at least half the price. Though, also half the choice.

Forever 21 is so guilty of marking up prices. They did it so conspiciously! Remember a while ago I bought a lot of headbands? They were only 7.90, and then now headbands got even more popular, it became 9. Same effing thing.

Bought a grey low cut sneaker and leopard print skirt at Cotton On. The sneaker was RM29. Good grief.

Chuckie got a furcut. He was a furball before and people said he look fat and I take that personally because dogs reflect their owners. But Chuckie is NOT FAT, OK! He's getting old now. He pants when I take him for walks. Awww.

Made Bernard take pics with me. There was talent time thing at Church yesterday. Sang true colours, prepared last minute. Victor can play by ear so well! It was also his birthday yesterday.

Well this blog post took pretty long. :/ But I like blogging. I like documenting my life, because I'm vain enough to be interested. I want to look back at being a teen and all, you know?

There's only less than 2 years left of high school now. Honestly, after so many years at SSB, it's my second home.

And now, waktu rehat! Enjoy the holidays! :D

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