Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Went out.

Holidays. When you have school, you yearn for holidays, when you have holidays, you yearn for school.

Planned of great things to achieve during holidays. Acquiring new skills and having unlimited time at my disposal. But really, all I did was flop around the house like a lazy snail. Being lazy is enjoyable, though.

Watched Step Up 3 at 1U. We had a hard time figuring out what movies to watched. Changed our minds more than 10 times between 4 movies. Good grief. Also got to a point where we were desperate enough to consider Cats and Dogs.


Step Up 3 was better than expected. Jason and I wanted to watch it again right after the movie ended, in 3D. Mostly because of the dance scene at the end.

By the time we walked from TGV to GSC cinema though, our mood dissipated. Wondered what else to watch. Queued for tickets and backed out, rode the elevator down and came back up. Pah.

Am still practising the high-pitch laugh. I cannot do Mei Yen's laugh but the high-pitched laugh might just be the thing. People at church laugh like that. Rachel and Nicholas. Like hyenas!

Laughing is nice, like coughing out sad things.

And then Natalie and Jason kept running away from me because I laughed too loud. I think a few people stared at us, but I couldn't be sure because when I'm laughing, my eyes are squinted.

I had my breakfast at Nippon Yataimura. SUSHI SUSHI OM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kani mayo! Ebi ten temaki! Inari sushi! HEAVEN!

They renovated it, looks a little like fast food joint. The sushi selection is not extensive, but delicious and cheap. When I put them into my mouth, the sushi seeped with sweet sauce, MMMMN it's like they're making love to my taste buds. Holy.

Food and music and love are amazing things in life. Like magic. YOU KNOW?

Life is actually pretty magical.
You want to stop time? Take a picture.
You want to teleport to somewhere else? Read a book.
You want to experience magic spells? Fall in love.


And then next there was Waffle World. It was even more delicious because it was free. Thanks to Jason. :)

And then went to Burger King. Didn't eat anything there. They just grabbed some fries.


It is like seeing a river in the middle of a dessert!

You know, I spotted the brown coloured one first, which is Rilakkuma. It was on display. And then the salesgirl pointed out that they also have Korilakkuma. OMG. So glad she pointed that out, it was stashed in a corner.

Korilakkuma is the more girly one. PINK! Well I think I only need one Rilakkuma plushie, and it's this one. :))

You know how people worship actress and actors as idols? I never do that. I only like cute characters. 2 years ago I liked Hello Kitty and then last year I liked Stitch and now it's Rilakkuma. I dunno how long I'll stay faithful to Rilakkuma.

OH SIGH. Cute things are relaxing to look at.


I like that facebook alerts you when there's birthdays. And then your wall will be filled with good-wishing.

Nice. But if I'm close to a person though, I don't bother that, I'll text them. :D

Eh, a lot of people are going somewhere. Natalie's going to Malacca, Sim Kuan to Shanghai, Mei Yen to Hong Kong.


Look at them worshipping Korilakkuma. I named it Bubu. In dedication to the blog name. Hehe.

The guys are all in black. ALL FIVE OF THEM.

Kula told me black is no colour at all. I only know that a colour is that colour because they reflect a certain wavelength or something.

Ah. Googled it. Black doesn't reflect any visible spectrum of light. And white reflects everything. And that a rainbow wheel will turn white when spinned. Kula told me this.

And white reflects heat. I like white cotton shirts.

I want to buy some pirated boxsets. You know, I used to look down on people who buy pirated dvds. I thought it corrupts the movie industry.

But really. I cannot stand forking out more than a hundred for boxsets anymore. I'M DONE. >:O Maybe for normal dvds. But I want boxsets. I don't want to wait for the TV to broadcast it.

And I used to hate the cinemas. But now, I kinda like it...

It's still a little too cold, a little too cramp and a little too dry in there, which reminds me of an airplane cabin. Airplanes make me sick. Had a 21 hour flight before, to US.

And a little too loud, too. But it's fun to watch with a bunch of people. The big ass screen. AND I WANT TO WATCH SOMETHING IN 3D.

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