Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Qi Qi

Good memories. :)

Quite some of the classmates were absent. Went to her house right after school. She was surrounded with pooh bears. And her friends. :)

Most of the people from our form came. It still feels a little unreal. It was OK until I visit her room. I've only been there once before. Lots of people in her room. We looked at her notes, her photos.

The promise for iPhone was still there. That paper. Everyone in our class signed it. Photos of her as a baby. Some nakey ones, too! It's hard not to cry when looking at those, because it's like being reminded of what we've lost.

I miss her. Someone said that it's odd people are saying that they miss her right after she passed. We miss her because she's gone, forever. Maybe she'll find a better place elsewhere. Everyone liked her. Now it's clear that that is because she also liked everyone.

There's a lot she hadn't experience, but she lived her life to the max. Jumping around. Laughing out loud. Belting out songs. Doing the most "sh" things.

Tomorrow, we'll be sending her off. I think majority of form 4 will be there. Her mum arranged transport too.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Zhi Qi has almost a thousand pictures on fb. Now there'll be a million words resonating long after she's gone. :)

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