Monday, 27 September 2010


This is dedicated to Ng Zhi Qi.

When someone tells you someone is dead, you hope they're joking. But death is not something that you can joke about.

We were all blithely clueless until Pn. Rosnah announced it. She said one of our students passed away. We'd never think it would be Zhi Qi because she was always so lively. And then she said, "from Form 4".

Before that Pn.Rekha approached Yih Wern and said there was bad news or something. We were asked to give a moment of silence. And we did of course. Words like this are hard to digest. Too big to fit in your head.

A handful of students went to the hospital. I think we'll visit her tomorrow, when she's brought back from the hospital (post-mortem). She slept and never woke up, but at least she didn't suffer.

I'll remember the fun times and this crazy, hyper and friendly girl.

Honestly, there's never such a thing as the right amount of grief. Don't cry and you're called cold-hearted, cry hard you're called too emotional. But, it's ok to be emotional when you're losing someone you're close with.

To remember something you've lost is hard, but denial isn't good. Xuan tried calling her handphone and got pissed when someone said she's gone.

I've never had a close friend pass away.

A lot of people cried. The sky is crying right now, too. :(

Life is fragile, but this makes it altogether more precious.

Miss you always.

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