Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wedding dinner

Wedding dinners are good for wearing clothes you don't usually get to wear. The dress I wore was taken out for the second time after youth camp. :D

But weddings are also very formal and sometimes tedious. Must find someone fun to sit next to! Brought my NDS, too.

During the part where they present the dishes, LIKE LOL, the whole place went black and disco lights jumped into action. Like a concert! There were even sticks of flames being carried around.

And Chinese wedding dinners, they all have shark fin soup and roasted pork. I don't want to eat the soup, and people make a big fuss out of it. They say it's fake but being under the same name irks me enough. It's stupid to chop up a small part of a living thing and leave them to rot and die. (google it!) Honestly, Chinese thinks that "exotic" animals are all delicacies.

Oh well. This was yesterday. Just came back from church. :D

Being in holiday for so long broke my momentum for studying. I'm feeling lazy, like a Snorlax.

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