Friday, 29 October 2010


YUMMY. Final exams period finally over(school will enter the dead and tired period, wilting towards the end of the semester)

Can hear people shouting and hollering. Sounded a little like being near roller coasters.

The picture above was taken during this year's fire drill practise. Everytime also dang hot. Few hundred people gathering at the field. Phewt. I remember that little plastic bag. Zhi Qi gave it to me to fan myself. Lol.

I did bitched that person out to teacher today. I didn't feel guilty though, because it felt like I had every right to do so. That person avoided looking at me when we passed by. -.- Dunno la. Teacher said he'll say something for me. Ahhh. It just feels better. Like freeing a black cloud of grudge.

:D That's all for today.

Cheers for freedom.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but he just blew out the cake. Along with his saliva. Ahahahaha.

One more day of test and then we can all have our freedom. :)

Watching Vampire Diaries. I really wonder about all these paranormal things. What happens after death?

Halloween along the corner, too! NAIS. How suitable to be watching vampires. Still wondering about costume. Just slap on a mask? Or make more effort? Hmn. Will take a bunch of pics. People keep saying that I can scare people without using a costume. Ho-hum. -.-

On a more sombre note, someone was being bitchy today. You know what they say right; don't get mad, get even. But then they also say; an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. And then, well, mysery loves company. Pfft, there's a saying for EVERYTHING.

I want to be peaceful, but I can't be peaceful when I've been aggravated. A stupid trivial thing, but things have to solve itself eventually.

It's hard to act nice and polite when things around you aren't. What keeps me going when something sucky happens is knowing I'll always bounce back. Life's a little like that. We're given what we can handle. Um. Don't know about those who suicide though.

That's about all! :) Shall blabber more next time.

And ugh, I need to get the drama out of my head.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

One more week to go

I like it when people get the crazy look in their eyes.

You know sometimes a guy gets that glazed look when they stare at a woman's cleavage? They're actually assessing signs of fertility. Hahahaha.

People don't dare to show cleavage so much in Malaysia, because you're bound to attract attention to "it". Mum tells me that people in places like UK show their cleavage so much that nobody really bothers anymore.

Rachel! Her outfit so cute! Like a pink bunny! Has pom-poms somemore.

Oh yeah, am going to do ushering and newsletter editing for church now. Wonder how that goes. I have a tendency to flake from responsibilities. :o

Got baptism certificate from church. Nice surprise! :) Laminated it. My dad inspected it, then he told me he was looking for numbers to buy lottery. What lah! They say what you win from gambling, you'll always lose back to gambling.


Really, life is boring right now. Tests. End of the year. Dressing up feels like a little getaway.

And that spot in the mirror? In a music video from "The Veronicas" I saw a mirror with lipstick stain. I thought it would look cute, so I kissed my mirror. Bleurk, turns out so differently. Forgot to wipe it away. xD

I'm dreaming of studying overseas. University of Creative Arts in Rochester. I'm drooling for it. More drool when I saw that the uni was only about 2 hour away from Paris. OMG. Europe fun, so many countries near each other but all so distinctly different. Can do country-hopping!

I like European Architecture. Plus, they care about Art. Not so much in Malaysia. Sigh. Austria and Italy was pretty!

Look at the classy McDonalds there!

I'm gonna go visit the Louvre Museum. Listen to Tchaikovsky Orchestra. Find libraries. Libraries which store books that are actually revelant and interesting. I went to the National Library in Malaysia and it was miserable. No novels, just books about history and stuff. LOUSY.

But of course, there are good things in Malaysia like really good and diverse food, cheap cheap punya. But that also makes us fat...

hehehe. Buh bye :)

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Lucian's eyelash. Ain't it pretty? It reminds me of snow.
Don't think he'll be getting more toys from me though. Keeps destroying them. Maybe rawhides because they're meant to be chewed apart anyway.

Natalie told me her final exam lasts for a month. Sigh, now I don't feel so bad having it 2 weeks. :D I can almost taste the freedom.

Halloween is coming soon. Mei Yen and Sim Kuan are having plans. Sleepover. I miss it. It was lovely. Sim Kuan has a spare apartment near her house. No adults, nothing. I wonder it that's how living in a college dorm feels like. The sleepover looked a little like this:

Molesting sim kuan. Everyone looks drunk. I think we stayed up a little too late.

Our mask were all the costume we had. Went to Valencia for trick or treating. Mostly it felt like harassing people for candies. We went a little late though, and some of them gave out all their candies! Also we got a little sticky walking around. But it was fun.

Smile. :) They say you look prettier when you smile, but when I'm sincerely happy and smiling, my eyes get flattened to a line and my cheeks get inflated like the exhibit shown above. But whatever, small price to pay to feel happy. :)

We watched movie and played games. Moulin Rouge was interesting, but I watched Labour Pains and it was the worst movie I've encountered. Stale acting and even staler plot. And what happened to Lindsay Lohan? She was good in Mean Girls. :/

Ben also lives somewhere upstairs. His mum cooks awesome food. Pizza. Om nom nom. And I wonder if different things will be this year, us being in different class and stuff. But wait! They say change is the only constant in life! Though your life will be hardly constant if it changes all the time.

Mei Yen's having a potluck something at her tuition centre this year. I don't know how it'll be like. Never tried going to a party at a tuition centre. xD

Well if you want to go trick or treat visit Valencia. Around my place, it's just another day. No one bothers. :D

And Ping Kuan and Kwok Shien started adjusted the air-cond. So that they get a lion's share of it. I hate it when they do that. Selfish bastards. Ding likes to do this, too. And then I'm too short to adjust it. -.-

Today my brother ate the last pop-tart! OMG! He always forgets the unspoken rule about sharing food- never take the last piece of someone else's food! But nevermind, he's buying some ice-cream and soya bean for me. HAHAHAHA.

I miss travelling. I want to go to Japan.

Raid all those kawaii shit.

PS: Sorry for extra crudeness. Exam stress lah! But I feel happier after reminiscing about the sleepover. I like blogging. <3

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On my ass, all day long.



Watch as the world go by, scratch my head as I try to claw out the answers.

2 friggin' weeks of it, when one alone is already hard to stomach!

Today we had Physics paper. En.Yogesh copied from the Melaka test paper. Theng Loo's tuition teacher gave him Melaka test paper as revision. People asked if the papers were entirely the same. He said no. Asked how many percent, he said 90%.

Ma de, told me he was laughing all the way through the test. A lot of people were annoyed. Jin Fye said, even so, it would be no use if his other papers aren't good. Lol, he's very competitive when it comes to Physics and all.

Saw a rap video from Mun Chun. Hahahaha damn funny. The lyrics. Dissing the school but the things there are true. Canteen food. School fees rising infinitely.

I'm supposed to be studying. I wished I had clones. :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just another day


Changed the pics by the side for a bit. Most of them I'm smiling, but no, it's not that I'm cheerful all the time, just that I like to be reminded of good times. :)

If I'm unhappy I can't fake a smile, because being fake makes things even worse. Some people force themselves to be happy, but I just wait until I forget that I'm sad.

I'm feeling annoyed, I hate being constricted, more so of responsibilities that other people push upon me. I hate being forced.

The more you push, the more I run. Give me a free rein and I'll come back to you. If I don't, then I probably shouldn't be there in the first place.

I'm annoyed with test too. Like an obstacle, reminds me of prefects who block the staircase when I really EFFING just want to visit the library.

And then the part where you have to stick your ass down for hours till the end, getting forced to wait and watch the time go by.


Outfit of the day! :D

Everything is old except for the skirt and some of the accessories. I like dressing up. It's like getting a feel of being a fashion designer anyway.

Skirt was from Jaspal. Thai brand! Bag from Guess, got it when I was like 13. Shirt and charms from Juicy. Gold accessories from Diva.

Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Sigh, I think it may be my favourite movie.

Old things always bring some sad nostalgia, but this old has it's own charm. People don't act like that anymore. Audrey Hepburn is mesmerizing.

Sometimes, I think people are boring when they stop believing in life and themselves. Sometimes, I stop believing in myself.
But then, I always have faith again.

OK I'm not making sense.

Oh yeah, now there's an ANTI-Chun Yen group on facebook. I don't think we should promote hate and social isolation(no matter how annoying that person is).

Dunno, people will always annoy you from time to time, accidentally or purposely. The point is, you should tell it to them face to face. So sometimes Chun Yen may follow you around and sometimes he may shout at your face, but even so, poor chun yen. I wonder if this will blow up into a scandal or something.

But then, I've seen other ANTI groups too. One about Pui Si I think. And I don't get it when people change their names like seasons. It's like they can't decide who they are!

Owh-k that's all. I want go out and buy food because the canteen food sucks butt and makes me fat, too. Where's everyone?

Friday, 15 October 2010

Hard to do


Finals coming, school boring. Like a dark cloud shadowing the cheery sun. Study study bla bla bla. Finish SPM still need GSCE (UK's equivalent of SPM). -.-

And then after finals it'll be pretty meaningless to attend school since the horrendous chain will galvanise into action. Student think it's meaningless, they don't come to school, others who come will think it's meaningless too, then it spreads. Pah. My class can't afford absentees because it has the least students in the form with 20 students!

Sometimes it feels cozy but sometimes I feel like there's too little girls and sometimes the boys are too rowdy.

After school, got some sushi at Rakuzen. OH SUSHI~ I LOVE YOU. Tried the avocado cheese yaki thing, but it wasn't so good. Others were OK. :) Must eat sushi at least once a week. And I thought the salt near the avocado thing was ice. Licked some. PUI!

Saw Shao Yang and King Jiat. Tuition at Desa Park, I think. Skipped school but go tuition. -.-

And then, napped. Heh, I've been having 5 hours of sleep every night for about 5 days. But the extra time is cut with decreased productivity. And, deng. I want to go out. But have to study.

Went to Church. More like sit and listen today. People came up and share. Interesting presentation. One about the famous Chilean miners rescue operation.

Did the personality test thing with a few people. Some people gave interesting answers like extinct animals and odd descriptions. Lol at Ruth and Eunice. :D

Garrett called my name. Man camcorder. Xuan offered to take over, which was nice because I was already whining how boring it was. I like talking to Church people, but manning the camcorder takes away that. Sit in different area, wished they use people in that area.

When I like something, I love it, when I dislike something, boy, I hate it. Manning the camcorder feels like being chained to the tripod and babysitting the camcorder. But then, it's already hard for me to sit still during sermon. Wait. This week is pastor Sam Wong. He's a funny one. :D

But in the end I called Garrett. :D Like a few minutes ago. HAHAHAHA. He was like, "What lah you!". Finally. Burden gone. Hohoho. Um. Feel guilty. I do want to serve the church and stuff but I like my freedom to sit wherever I want and find a comfortable place to sing and I'm selfish when it comes to protecting things I like. :x

I know I know. I admire Natalie for that. The being able to sacrifice.

Oh yeah, rolled some baby popiah. Part of a Cannibal's cuisine. :D

Ian and Jayden. Main ingredients!

Xuan with hers. I wrapped Jayden, failed to carry him.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Oh, hi.

Surprisingly, I wasn't sleepy when I came home today. I wanted to take Lucian and Chuckie for a run but the stupid water wasn't running. OK, I know we should all be grateful for having a constant stream of water at our disposal but I'm annoyed I can't remove the veil of sweat covering my skin. I can even taste the saltiness of my skin.

I didn't get to exercise in the end. I'm still waiting for the shower to be working. CURSES.

But overall today was fine. I ate some yummy super greasy super rings(though that was what made me wanted to exercise in the first place.)

And, did the psychological test thingy with a few people. It is pretty accurate. :D




(now don't look below until you've done.....

or unless you're not interested in doing this.)

NOW... the 1st animal is what you see yourself as,
The 2nd animal is what others see yourself as,
While the 3rd is who you really are.

And there's more. Lazy to put here. Can find some from

Interestingly, a lot of people ponder and hesitate when chosing the 3rd animal. The who you really are.

Dylan was blabbering a bunch of facts today. Quite some of them sexual ones. Like an iguana has two penis. Googled it. Boy, they actually have a term for it: hemiphenes. And then he said that if you do anal sex to much you will spoil the tissues and shit can come out of your vagina.

Um. Not so sure about that one.

I think teenagers are all hamsap, or at least sexually curious. Girls, maybe more restrained and less desperate, but this is like, the time of raging hormones. Dunno. Being sexually curious is probably instinctual, otherwise how will we learn how to populate the world?

Sometimes, I'm also very afraid that everyone starts to let themselves go after they marry and have kids. They stop caring about how they look because they're too busy. They start to gain weight and dress dowdily. I don't want that. Once you stop caring how you look, you become unattractive. Like an unpolished piece of vase or whatever. Every girl can look pretty if they make enough effort.

BUT THEN. I wouldn't mind looking dowdy and boring if I was happy with a nice family.
BUT THEN. I wear clothes according to my moods, so if it was boring clothes I'm probably having a boring life.

Because, clothes are like an extension of your personality.


I also hate black. Or brown. Or grey. Just those really dark and neutral colours which glooms you down. And jeans, because everyone wears jeans. It's too versatile. Though if you're guy you probably have no choice. But some can really look good in black shirt and jeans. But I don't own pair of jeans mostly because I don't look good in them.

I like red for clothes. I like purple for stationeries. I like sunny yellow as a colour to think about. I like pink for everything. I hate electric blue pens because I find them very jarring and in your face somehow. That's why I can't be a teacher or whatever, because sometimes I feel like ripping the paper off when I see the blue ink. I like purple pens. They remind of Barney.

And if you want me not to do something, encourage me to do it. Let me fall flat on my face, I learn best that way. I've been feeling spendthrift but after seeing my brother become spendthrift I felt revolted at myself.

And that day I went to Juicy Couture, the stuff there weren't so good, like they didn't renew their stocks for a long time and it's collecting dust. Other stores seem to have gotten much more expensive, too. Or maybe I'm developing an expensive taste.

OK, that's all. Told you I was blabbering.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dress up

I camwhored.

In your face. :O

I am in the shopping mood. The mood to dress up and be materialistic. Why, it's gonna be Christmas soon. Yum, I'm wondering what to get. Handbag? Loewe? Chanel? Juicy Couture charms?

Sigh. I'm one of those kids who pry on Christmas and Birthdays as a golden opportunity to spend. Mostly because there's seldom such opportunity.

Bought some accesories from Diva. I hope they don't rust. :/ Spent a little more than hundred on them, but hey, I got 25 bracelets. Got a black dress thingy from Kitschen. Never went there before, but ooohhh, it's pretty cheap. Less than a hundred. :D

Church was nice. I don't like manning the camcorder, though. It's miserable. I don't like sitting at the station. I feel isolated. I should help the church, but I wished I had something else. And honestly, I can never listen to sermons well. I always end up doodling some stuff on the question paper.

Some of the bracelets from Diva. Was arranging accessories. Used to neglect them because I'm already preoccupied with what clothes to wear. Dunno. But sometimes accessories are what sets you apart from plain jane to glamourous babe. And Xuan kept wearing those pretty bracelets to church. I like gold and pink bracelets. :)

Bought charms for Christmas before. Juicy's charms are horribly overpriced, but that also makes it more precious(in a sordid way). Very cheap in Singapore though. They had discounts. 60% discount!

See the empty spot there? Am ashamed to say I misplaced that charm somewhere. Still looking for it....

More Juicy charms. So cute! :D

Not mine, though, unfortunately.

Kay, that's all. Waiting to go out. Pavillion! Juicy Couture!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Church and disco lights

:D :D :D

Church was pretty fun.

Prayer meeeeting. Fewer people. Oddly, the funnest part was when the meeting was over. During the meeting we were separated to groups and we got shushed when we laughed too loud. :D Feeling a bit more loose since it's weekends. I love weekends.

They were testing the lights. Blue like Navi Avatars. ;D

And, I'm in the mood to go out but it seems like everyone is killing their social life for final exam. Poo. :( I want to go to Sungei Wang and get cheap cheap stuffs even though it's probably a LALA territory. I don't remember going to Sungei Wang. I WANT TO GO!

And I should really remind myself not to reveal too much about myself and others on this blog. Though sometimes I might do it on my expense. Sorry if I talked too much on your expense. I get carried away and forget that practically anyone can see this blog. Which is scary, because I post so much crap (stop asking me to blog more, Kula!).

And "THE HUNGER GAMES" is a nice book. One of those rare ones which are unputdownable. Such a yummy book to devour. I was wondering what the hype was about, and now I know why.

Reading is of utmost importance to mastering English. YOU KNOW???!!!!! Offered to borrow Mei Yen some books. She said she'll take a long time to return. I'm like, oh, nevermind, I can wait. And then she told me she'll read one page a day. WHICH MEANS- to finish a decent size novel, she might take A YEAR.

I'm gonna borrow her one to see how long she'll take. ;D

Anddd, when you don't read enough, your brain aren't going to process those chunks of words fast enough, you find it hard to construct good sentences, and the worse(behold!) you can't spell words which are more than two syllables.

The heck, I've seen people who can't spell words which are only a single syllable. But-not that I know how to spell everything. I just google when I'm not sure. :D And I'm also rubbish at Chinese. But I can read the common characters la!

Only knew how to after Form 2. Read chinese books with pin yin and then went to find their meanings and re-wrote the characters 10 times over. I'm not the studious type but I got fed up of being called "banana" and annoyed that I didn't know my own language.

Sometimes I wish I went to a chinese school, but I've always been in SSB. When I turn 17, I'd spent a decade studying there already. Well, if I die, this would be one of the places I'd haunt. Or would I go to heaven? Hmm. OK nevermind. I don't want to think about life after death. Because the only way to know is to die.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


It's 2 in the morning. :))

I sorta messed up the whole circadian rhythm by taking a 4 hour nap. Meant to resist the temptation of sleep but it was just so, so seductive I ended up relenting somehow. Also, it seems that when I nap I can't wake up until I've clocked in at least 2 hours. Why, I feel like a pig.

Actually, you know, they say somewhere that if you want to know your energy level you can tell by the strength you apply when you're writing. Obviously, the harder you write, the more energetic you are.

I tested this! I checked on Mei Fern and she writes hard, like indents on the back of the page hard. And Mei Fern is the very athletic sort of girl. I wish I'm athletic but I'm not. And then they also say that people with squarer face shapes are more athletic. True, no?

Why, it's not good to be trapped by all these preconceptions but sometimes they do make sense.

Talked with Sim Kuan about creepy stuffs. She told me about this video on Youtube called Candle Cove. Says kids are able to see it while adults only see static. And that some have watched the show in their childhood but forgot about it. It's actually a prank. Fake. Those people who say they see all static are just trollin'.

The video was creepy though, because of the screams. Posted the video on fb. And then Sim Kuan got paranoid and complained. And then the wall post where she complained to me suddenly dissapeared. Now I'm paranoid.

And then we talked about 2012 and the world ending. Most of us don't want to believe it will happen so soon because it's their generation and stuff. I think that way too. It would be fun to be a part of something so earth-shaking though. But predictions are always... unreliable. Whatever. Go on living your lives. Like it's you're last day on Earth. But not really.

And then I said there were lots of vampire/underworld themed books.

Then Yen Yi said it was to get us ready to having these things on Earth near the end of the world. Yikes. It's scary because it makes sense.

Sim Kuan says her class is a little more quiet now. I'm scared. I'm scared of the school toilets. You might refer to somewhere very early in the blog where I said Zhi Qi saw "something" in the toilet. I'm scared now, too, because it's late at night. I'm glad Chuckie is here.

I think death has become a little bit of a taboo now because it has happened so close to us. Honestly, I'm scared of sleeping and never waking up, I'm scared that my lungs never seem to drag enough air. And I'm scared about things lurking in the shadows. I'm scared. But that's all.

And to wash my face. I hate it when the night is dead and my face is blinded with soap. Robbing one of my senses makes me feel so insecure.

And I think I really need to pee.

That's all!

Sunday, 3 October 2010



That thing is supposed to be a happy heart shape but it ended as a lonely broken heart because I forgot my other hand was busy.

Church was fun. Controlling the camcorder was a bit boring though. Arrived late, tumpang-ing someone. Garrett was not happy. Hahaha.

I think I should learn driving, but I hate driving. I hate how a lot of time is wasted on transportation. Like the time spent on GETTING THERE is more the time spent BEING THERE. YOU KNOW?!

Erm. Had fun talking to Louise too. A lot of people asked Xuan didn't come. She went to Zhi Qi's brother's house to do something for her. :)

Louise told me some people not just slit their wrists, they slit it then sow it back. Double ouch? And then if you complain about them doing that, they rip off the stitchs. WTH? Why teenagers getting so hardcore nowadays?

Spent some time talking about Zhi Qi. Shitload of rumours going around, you know? Some say she took diet pills, some say she suicide, bla bla bla. Mostly people just speculating. Don't simply believe them la.

Very very confusing. Been told she sleep and didn't wake up, and then been told she woke up, had breakfast, and then sleep and didn't wake up. And then been told me she jumped up when she was in the hospital and uttered a name. Wut wut.

When I went to Church on Friday everyone asked me about it. Like, every teen in the whole Sri Damansara knows. -.- Rest in peace, rest in peace.

At Chinoz.

Really 食得是福. Siet Yen's favourite saying.

Afternoon tea. Served on 2 tiered platter. Like Alice in The Wonderland. I like. Yum. I get horribly pissy when I'm hungry or deprived of sleep.

Had to go out late. Family was busy watching "Legend of The Condor Heroes" or something. Very old tv show. Complete with cheesy sound effects. I don't know what's so captivating about that show. NOISY!

Wait, back to the yummy food. Ahhhh. In my tummy now. The thingy is called Afternoon Tea. For RM48. Pretty worth it. Comes with a pair of scones and two pots of tea. I picked Chamomile.

I need to do a tea party one day. LADURÉE!