Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Oh, hi.

Surprisingly, I wasn't sleepy when I came home today. I wanted to take Lucian and Chuckie for a run but the stupid water wasn't running. OK, I know we should all be grateful for having a constant stream of water at our disposal but I'm annoyed I can't remove the veil of sweat covering my skin. I can even taste the saltiness of my skin.

I didn't get to exercise in the end. I'm still waiting for the shower to be working. CURSES.

But overall today was fine. I ate some yummy super greasy super rings(though that was what made me wanted to exercise in the first place.)

And, did the psychological test thingy with a few people. It is pretty accurate. :D




(now don't look below until you've done.....

or unless you're not interested in doing this.)

NOW... the 1st animal is what you see yourself as,
The 2nd animal is what others see yourself as,
While the 3rd is who you really are.

And there's more. Lazy to put here. Can find some from quizbox.com.

Interestingly, a lot of people ponder and hesitate when chosing the 3rd animal. The who you really are.

Dylan was blabbering a bunch of facts today. Quite some of them sexual ones. Like an iguana has two penis. Googled it. Boy, they actually have a term for it: hemiphenes. And then he said that if you do anal sex to much you will spoil the tissues and shit can come out of your vagina.

Um. Not so sure about that one.

I think teenagers are all hamsap, or at least sexually curious. Girls, maybe more restrained and less desperate, but this is like, the time of raging hormones. Dunno. Being sexually curious is probably instinctual, otherwise how will we learn how to populate the world?

Sometimes, I'm also very afraid that everyone starts to let themselves go after they marry and have kids. They stop caring about how they look because they're too busy. They start to gain weight and dress dowdily. I don't want that. Once you stop caring how you look, you become unattractive. Like an unpolished piece of vase or whatever. Every girl can look pretty if they make enough effort.

BUT THEN. I wouldn't mind looking dowdy and boring if I was happy with a nice family.
BUT THEN. I wear clothes according to my moods, so if it was boring clothes I'm probably having a boring life.

Because, clothes are like an extension of your personality.


I also hate black. Or brown. Or grey. Just those really dark and neutral colours which glooms you down. And jeans, because everyone wears jeans. It's too versatile. Though if you're guy you probably have no choice. But some can really look good in black shirt and jeans. But I don't own pair of jeans mostly because I don't look good in them.

I like red for clothes. I like purple for stationeries. I like sunny yellow as a colour to think about. I like pink for everything. I hate electric blue pens because I find them very jarring and in your face somehow. That's why I can't be a teacher or whatever, because sometimes I feel like ripping the paper off when I see the blue ink. I like purple pens. They remind of Barney.

And if you want me not to do something, encourage me to do it. Let me fall flat on my face, I learn best that way. I've been feeling spendthrift but after seeing my brother become spendthrift I felt revolted at myself.

And that day I went to Juicy Couture, the stuff there weren't so good, like they didn't renew their stocks for a long time and it's collecting dust. Other stores seem to have gotten much more expensive, too. Or maybe I'm developing an expensive taste.

OK, that's all. Told you I was blabbering.


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