Saturday, 9 October 2010

Church and disco lights

:D :D :D

Church was pretty fun.

Prayer meeeeting. Fewer people. Oddly, the funnest part was when the meeting was over. During the meeting we were separated to groups and we got shushed when we laughed too loud. :D Feeling a bit more loose since it's weekends. I love weekends.

They were testing the lights. Blue like Navi Avatars. ;D

And, I'm in the mood to go out but it seems like everyone is killing their social life for final exam. Poo. :( I want to go to Sungei Wang and get cheap cheap stuffs even though it's probably a LALA territory. I don't remember going to Sungei Wang. I WANT TO GO!

And I should really remind myself not to reveal too much about myself and others on this blog. Though sometimes I might do it on my expense. Sorry if I talked too much on your expense. I get carried away and forget that practically anyone can see this blog. Which is scary, because I post so much crap (stop asking me to blog more, Kula!).

And "THE HUNGER GAMES" is a nice book. One of those rare ones which are unputdownable. Such a yummy book to devour. I was wondering what the hype was about, and now I know why.

Reading is of utmost importance to mastering English. YOU KNOW???!!!!! Offered to borrow Mei Yen some books. She said she'll take a long time to return. I'm like, oh, nevermind, I can wait. And then she told me she'll read one page a day. WHICH MEANS- to finish a decent size novel, she might take A YEAR.

I'm gonna borrow her one to see how long she'll take. ;D

Anddd, when you don't read enough, your brain aren't going to process those chunks of words fast enough, you find it hard to construct good sentences, and the worse(behold!) you can't spell words which are more than two syllables.

The heck, I've seen people who can't spell words which are only a single syllable. But-not that I know how to spell everything. I just google when I'm not sure. :D And I'm also rubbish at Chinese. But I can read the common characters la!

Only knew how to after Form 2. Read chinese books with pin yin and then went to find their meanings and re-wrote the characters 10 times over. I'm not the studious type but I got fed up of being called "banana" and annoyed that I didn't know my own language.

Sometimes I wish I went to a chinese school, but I've always been in SSB. When I turn 17, I'd spent a decade studying there already. Well, if I die, this would be one of the places I'd haunt. Or would I go to heaven? Hmm. OK nevermind. I don't want to think about life after death. Because the only way to know is to die.

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