Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dress up

I camwhored.

In your face. :O

I am in the shopping mood. The mood to dress up and be materialistic. Why, it's gonna be Christmas soon. Yum, I'm wondering what to get. Handbag? Loewe? Chanel? Juicy Couture charms?

Sigh. I'm one of those kids who pry on Christmas and Birthdays as a golden opportunity to spend. Mostly because there's seldom such opportunity.

Bought some accesories from Diva. I hope they don't rust. :/ Spent a little more than hundred on them, but hey, I got 25 bracelets. Got a black dress thingy from Kitschen. Never went there before, but ooohhh, it's pretty cheap. Less than a hundred. :D

Church was nice. I don't like manning the camcorder, though. It's miserable. I don't like sitting at the station. I feel isolated. I should help the church, but I wished I had something else. And honestly, I can never listen to sermons well. I always end up doodling some stuff on the question paper.

Some of the bracelets from Diva. Was arranging accessories. Used to neglect them because I'm already preoccupied with what clothes to wear. Dunno. But sometimes accessories are what sets you apart from plain jane to glamourous babe. And Xuan kept wearing those pretty bracelets to church. I like gold and pink bracelets. :)

Bought charms for Christmas before. Juicy's charms are horribly overpriced, but that also makes it more precious(in a sordid way). Very cheap in Singapore though. They had discounts. 60% discount!

See the empty spot there? Am ashamed to say I misplaced that charm somewhere. Still looking for it....

More Juicy charms. So cute! :D

Not mine, though, unfortunately.

Kay, that's all. Waiting to go out. Pavillion! Juicy Couture!

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