Friday, 29 October 2010


YUMMY. Final exams period finally over(school will enter the dead and tired period, wilting towards the end of the semester)

Can hear people shouting and hollering. Sounded a little like being near roller coasters.

The picture above was taken during this year's fire drill practise. Everytime also dang hot. Few hundred people gathering at the field. Phewt. I remember that little plastic bag. Zhi Qi gave it to me to fan myself. Lol.

I did bitched that person out to teacher today. I didn't feel guilty though, because it felt like I had every right to do so. That person avoided looking at me when we passed by. -.- Dunno la. Teacher said he'll say something for me. Ahhh. It just feels better. Like freeing a black cloud of grudge.

:D That's all for today.

Cheers for freedom.

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