Friday, 15 October 2010

Hard to do


Finals coming, school boring. Like a dark cloud shadowing the cheery sun. Study study bla bla bla. Finish SPM still need GSCE (UK's equivalent of SPM). -.-

And then after finals it'll be pretty meaningless to attend school since the horrendous chain will galvanise into action. Student think it's meaningless, they don't come to school, others who come will think it's meaningless too, then it spreads. Pah. My class can't afford absentees because it has the least students in the form with 20 students!

Sometimes it feels cozy but sometimes I feel like there's too little girls and sometimes the boys are too rowdy.

After school, got some sushi at Rakuzen. OH SUSHI~ I LOVE YOU. Tried the avocado cheese yaki thing, but it wasn't so good. Others were OK. :) Must eat sushi at least once a week. And I thought the salt near the avocado thing was ice. Licked some. PUI!

Saw Shao Yang and King Jiat. Tuition at Desa Park, I think. Skipped school but go tuition. -.-

And then, napped. Heh, I've been having 5 hours of sleep every night for about 5 days. But the extra time is cut with decreased productivity. And, deng. I want to go out. But have to study.

Went to Church. More like sit and listen today. People came up and share. Interesting presentation. One about the famous Chilean miners rescue operation.

Did the personality test thing with a few people. Some people gave interesting answers like extinct animals and odd descriptions. Lol at Ruth and Eunice. :D

Garrett called my name. Man camcorder. Xuan offered to take over, which was nice because I was already whining how boring it was. I like talking to Church people, but manning the camcorder takes away that. Sit in different area, wished they use people in that area.

When I like something, I love it, when I dislike something, boy, I hate it. Manning the camcorder feels like being chained to the tripod and babysitting the camcorder. But then, it's already hard for me to sit still during sermon. Wait. This week is pastor Sam Wong. He's a funny one. :D

But in the end I called Garrett. :D Like a few minutes ago. HAHAHAHA. He was like, "What lah you!". Finally. Burden gone. Hohoho. Um. Feel guilty. I do want to serve the church and stuff but I like my freedom to sit wherever I want and find a comfortable place to sing and I'm selfish when it comes to protecting things I like. :x

I know I know. I admire Natalie for that. The being able to sacrifice.

Oh yeah, rolled some baby popiah. Part of a Cannibal's cuisine. :D

Ian and Jayden. Main ingredients!

Xuan with hers. I wrapped Jayden, failed to carry him.

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