Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just another day


Changed the pics by the side for a bit. Most of them I'm smiling, but no, it's not that I'm cheerful all the time, just that I like to be reminded of good times. :)

If I'm unhappy I can't fake a smile, because being fake makes things even worse. Some people force themselves to be happy, but I just wait until I forget that I'm sad.

I'm feeling annoyed, I hate being constricted, more so of responsibilities that other people push upon me. I hate being forced.

The more you push, the more I run. Give me a free rein and I'll come back to you. If I don't, then I probably shouldn't be there in the first place.

I'm annoyed with test too. Like an obstacle, reminds me of prefects who block the staircase when I really EFFING just want to visit the library.

And then the part where you have to stick your ass down for hours till the end, getting forced to wait and watch the time go by.


Outfit of the day! :D

Everything is old except for the skirt and some of the accessories. I like dressing up. It's like getting a feel of being a fashion designer anyway.

Skirt was from Jaspal. Thai brand! Bag from Guess, got it when I was like 13. Shirt and charms from Juicy. Gold accessories from Diva.

Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Sigh, I think it may be my favourite movie.

Old things always bring some sad nostalgia, but this old has it's own charm. People don't act like that anymore. Audrey Hepburn is mesmerizing.

Sometimes, I think people are boring when they stop believing in life and themselves. Sometimes, I stop believing in myself.
But then, I always have faith again.

OK I'm not making sense.

Oh yeah, now there's an ANTI-Chun Yen group on facebook. I don't think we should promote hate and social isolation(no matter how annoying that person is).

Dunno, people will always annoy you from time to time, accidentally or purposely. The point is, you should tell it to them face to face. So sometimes Chun Yen may follow you around and sometimes he may shout at your face, but even so, poor chun yen. I wonder if this will blow up into a scandal or something.

But then, I've seen other ANTI groups too. One about Pui Si I think. And I don't get it when people change their names like seasons. It's like they can't decide who they are!

Owh-k that's all. I want go out and buy food because the canteen food sucks butt and makes me fat, too. Where's everyone?

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