Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On my ass, all day long.



Watch as the world go by, scratch my head as I try to claw out the answers.

2 friggin' weeks of it, when one alone is already hard to stomach!

Today we had Physics paper. En.Yogesh copied from the Melaka test paper. Theng Loo's tuition teacher gave him Melaka test paper as revision. People asked if the papers were entirely the same. He said no. Asked how many percent, he said 90%.

Ma de, told me he was laughing all the way through the test. A lot of people were annoyed. Jin Fye said, even so, it would be no use if his other papers aren't good. Lol, he's very competitive when it comes to Physics and all.

Saw a rap video from Mun Chun. Hahahaha damn funny. The lyrics. Dissing the school but the things there are true. Canteen food. School fees rising infinitely.

I'm supposed to be studying. I wished I had clones. :)

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