Sunday, 24 October 2010

One more week to go

I like it when people get the crazy look in their eyes.

You know sometimes a guy gets that glazed look when they stare at a woman's cleavage? They're actually assessing signs of fertility. Hahahaha.

People don't dare to show cleavage so much in Malaysia, because you're bound to attract attention to "it". Mum tells me that people in places like UK show their cleavage so much that nobody really bothers anymore.

Rachel! Her outfit so cute! Like a pink bunny! Has pom-poms somemore.

Oh yeah, am going to do ushering and newsletter editing for church now. Wonder how that goes. I have a tendency to flake from responsibilities. :o

Got baptism certificate from church. Nice surprise! :) Laminated it. My dad inspected it, then he told me he was looking for numbers to buy lottery. What lah! They say what you win from gambling, you'll always lose back to gambling.


Really, life is boring right now. Tests. End of the year. Dressing up feels like a little getaway.

And that spot in the mirror? In a music video from "The Veronicas" I saw a mirror with lipstick stain. I thought it would look cute, so I kissed my mirror. Bleurk, turns out so differently. Forgot to wipe it away. xD

I'm dreaming of studying overseas. University of Creative Arts in Rochester. I'm drooling for it. More drool when I saw that the uni was only about 2 hour away from Paris. OMG. Europe fun, so many countries near each other but all so distinctly different. Can do country-hopping!

I like European Architecture. Plus, they care about Art. Not so much in Malaysia. Sigh. Austria and Italy was pretty!

Look at the classy McDonalds there!

I'm gonna go visit the Louvre Museum. Listen to Tchaikovsky Orchestra. Find libraries. Libraries which store books that are actually revelant and interesting. I went to the National Library in Malaysia and it was miserable. No novels, just books about history and stuff. LOUSY.

But of course, there are good things in Malaysia like really good and diverse food, cheap cheap punya. But that also makes us fat...

hehehe. Buh bye :)

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