Thursday, 28 October 2010


Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but he just blew out the cake. Along with his saliva. Ahahahaha.

One more day of test and then we can all have our freedom. :)

Watching Vampire Diaries. I really wonder about all these paranormal things. What happens after death?

Halloween along the corner, too! NAIS. How suitable to be watching vampires. Still wondering about costume. Just slap on a mask? Or make more effort? Hmn. Will take a bunch of pics. People keep saying that I can scare people without using a costume. Ho-hum. -.-

On a more sombre note, someone was being bitchy today. You know what they say right; don't get mad, get even. But then they also say; an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. And then, well, mysery loves company. Pfft, there's a saying for EVERYTHING.

I want to be peaceful, but I can't be peaceful when I've been aggravated. A stupid trivial thing, but things have to solve itself eventually.

It's hard to act nice and polite when things around you aren't. What keeps me going when something sucky happens is knowing I'll always bounce back. Life's a little like that. We're given what we can handle. Um. Don't know about those who suicide though.

That's about all! :) Shall blabber more next time.

And ugh, I need to get the drama out of my head.

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