Wednesday, 6 October 2010


It's 2 in the morning. :))

I sorta messed up the whole circadian rhythm by taking a 4 hour nap. Meant to resist the temptation of sleep but it was just so, so seductive I ended up relenting somehow. Also, it seems that when I nap I can't wake up until I've clocked in at least 2 hours. Why, I feel like a pig.

Actually, you know, they say somewhere that if you want to know your energy level you can tell by the strength you apply when you're writing. Obviously, the harder you write, the more energetic you are.

I tested this! I checked on Mei Fern and she writes hard, like indents on the back of the page hard. And Mei Fern is the very athletic sort of girl. I wish I'm athletic but I'm not. And then they also say that people with squarer face shapes are more athletic. True, no?

Why, it's not good to be trapped by all these preconceptions but sometimes they do make sense.

Talked with Sim Kuan about creepy stuffs. She told me about this video on Youtube called Candle Cove. Says kids are able to see it while adults only see static. And that some have watched the show in their childhood but forgot about it. It's actually a prank. Fake. Those people who say they see all static are just trollin'.

The video was creepy though, because of the screams. Posted the video on fb. And then Sim Kuan got paranoid and complained. And then the wall post where she complained to me suddenly dissapeared. Now I'm paranoid.

And then we talked about 2012 and the world ending. Most of us don't want to believe it will happen so soon because it's their generation and stuff. I think that way too. It would be fun to be a part of something so earth-shaking though. But predictions are always... unreliable. Whatever. Go on living your lives. Like it's you're last day on Earth. But not really.

And then I said there were lots of vampire/underworld themed books.

Then Yen Yi said it was to get us ready to having these things on Earth near the end of the world. Yikes. It's scary because it makes sense.

Sim Kuan says her class is a little more quiet now. I'm scared. I'm scared of the school toilets. You might refer to somewhere very early in the blog where I said Zhi Qi saw "something" in the toilet. I'm scared now, too, because it's late at night. I'm glad Chuckie is here.

I think death has become a little bit of a taboo now because it has happened so close to us. Honestly, I'm scared of sleeping and never waking up, I'm scared that my lungs never seem to drag enough air. And I'm scared about things lurking in the shadows. I'm scared. But that's all.

And to wash my face. I hate it when the night is dead and my face is blinded with soap. Robbing one of my senses makes me feel so insecure.

And I think I really need to pee.

That's all!

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