Thursday, 21 October 2010


Lucian's eyelash. Ain't it pretty? It reminds me of snow.
Don't think he'll be getting more toys from me though. Keeps destroying them. Maybe rawhides because they're meant to be chewed apart anyway.

Natalie told me her final exam lasts for a month. Sigh, now I don't feel so bad having it 2 weeks. :D I can almost taste the freedom.

Halloween is coming soon. Mei Yen and Sim Kuan are having plans. Sleepover. I miss it. It was lovely. Sim Kuan has a spare apartment near her house. No adults, nothing. I wonder it that's how living in a college dorm feels like. The sleepover looked a little like this:

Molesting sim kuan. Everyone looks drunk. I think we stayed up a little too late.

Our mask were all the costume we had. Went to Valencia for trick or treating. Mostly it felt like harassing people for candies. We went a little late though, and some of them gave out all their candies! Also we got a little sticky walking around. But it was fun.

Smile. :) They say you look prettier when you smile, but when I'm sincerely happy and smiling, my eyes get flattened to a line and my cheeks get inflated like the exhibit shown above. But whatever, small price to pay to feel happy. :)

We watched movie and played games. Moulin Rouge was interesting, but I watched Labour Pains and it was the worst movie I've encountered. Stale acting and even staler plot. And what happened to Lindsay Lohan? She was good in Mean Girls. :/

Ben also lives somewhere upstairs. His mum cooks awesome food. Pizza. Om nom nom. And I wonder if different things will be this year, us being in different class and stuff. But wait! They say change is the only constant in life! Though your life will be hardly constant if it changes all the time.

Mei Yen's having a potluck something at her tuition centre this year. I don't know how it'll be like. Never tried going to a party at a tuition centre. xD

Well if you want to go trick or treat visit Valencia. Around my place, it's just another day. No one bothers. :D

And Ping Kuan and Kwok Shien started adjusted the air-cond. So that they get a lion's share of it. I hate it when they do that. Selfish bastards. Ding likes to do this, too. And then I'm too short to adjust it. -.-

Today my brother ate the last pop-tart! OMG! He always forgets the unspoken rule about sharing food- never take the last piece of someone else's food! But nevermind, he's buying some ice-cream and soya bean for me. HAHAHAHA.

I miss travelling. I want to go to Japan.

Raid all those kawaii shit.

PS: Sorry for extra crudeness. Exam stress lah! But I feel happier after reminiscing about the sleepover. I like blogging. <3

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