Sunday, 3 October 2010



That thing is supposed to be a happy heart shape but it ended as a lonely broken heart because I forgot my other hand was busy.

Church was fun. Controlling the camcorder was a bit boring though. Arrived late, tumpang-ing someone. Garrett was not happy. Hahaha.

I think I should learn driving, but I hate driving. I hate how a lot of time is wasted on transportation. Like the time spent on GETTING THERE is more the time spent BEING THERE. YOU KNOW?!

Erm. Had fun talking to Louise too. A lot of people asked Xuan didn't come. She went to Zhi Qi's brother's house to do something for her. :)

Louise told me some people not just slit their wrists, they slit it then sow it back. Double ouch? And then if you complain about them doing that, they rip off the stitchs. WTH? Why teenagers getting so hardcore nowadays?

Spent some time talking about Zhi Qi. Shitload of rumours going around, you know? Some say she took diet pills, some say she suicide, bla bla bla. Mostly people just speculating. Don't simply believe them la.

Very very confusing. Been told she sleep and didn't wake up, and then been told she woke up, had breakfast, and then sleep and didn't wake up. And then been told me she jumped up when she was in the hospital and uttered a name. Wut wut.

When I went to Church on Friday everyone asked me about it. Like, every teen in the whole Sri Damansara knows. -.- Rest in peace, rest in peace.

At Chinoz.

Really 食得是福. Siet Yen's favourite saying.

Afternoon tea. Served on 2 tiered platter. Like Alice in The Wonderland. I like. Yum. I get horribly pissy when I'm hungry or deprived of sleep.

Had to go out late. Family was busy watching "Legend of The Condor Heroes" or something. Very old tv show. Complete with cheesy sound effects. I don't know what's so captivating about that show. NOISY!

Wait, back to the yummy food. Ahhhh. In my tummy now. The thingy is called Afternoon Tea. For RM48. Pretty worth it. Comes with a pair of scones and two pots of tea. I picked Chamomile.

I need to do a tea party one day. LADURÉE!


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