Monday, 29 November 2010


Taiwan. I'm EXCITEDDDDDD. But I always get excited regardless of the country I'm going.

I hate sitting on an airplane, though. The humidity plus constrictiveness is effectively nausea-inducing. I used to dread cinemas because they used to remind of sitting an airplane. Got over it, though. Thank goodness. Now... if only I can stop dreading airplanes.

Invent teleportation, please? The amount of time wasted on transportation is absurd. Don't you hate it when the time taken to get there is more than the time spent there? >:( The longest flight I've had was about 21 hours. To America. Transit in-between, but still! Bleurgh! America was fun, though!

Looked on the itinerary and ZOMG, we're spending a night at "FLYING COW LEISURE FARM". Flying cow? Seriously? All I'm getting is cows with strap-on wings like in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

I'm going to find some flying cows. I hope I don't get dissapointed and find it's nothing but a name. OH BABY GIVE ME SOME WINGS.

Also spent bloody 6 hours scouring for lovely illegal music downloads. Muse. Linkin Park. 30 Seconds to Mars. Eminem. I love Rock music. Ta-dah, I've found my genre! Some music to entertain me during bloody transportation time.

Bought packets of Maggi Mee for the maid to sustain herself when we're gone. She said it made her hair fall out. And then my dad smiled and said, "No, it's good for you! Lose more hair, grow more hair!".

Coming back on next Tuesday.


Saturday, 27 November 2010


Someone posted this on facebook. Hohoho. I still have that photo.

I used to have really long hair in Primary and then chopped it off for Secondary. My mum liked to tie them into two pigtails and pretend I'm Sailormoon.

I have short hair to chop getting ready time for school. :D Sometimes I feel like my face is too big when no hair is covering a part of it. And then there's Eunice's vision where I grow my hair long and broke down crying.

Now, I guess I'll leave my hair alone and see if I'd break down someday. Long story!

Had spontaneous sleepover last night. I'm afraid of getting old and never being able to do sleepover. It's hard to sleep having a person next to you though. I can't shut up. Said good night to Natalie thrice before sleeping. I wonder what does sleeping with your husband feels like...

It also scares me when a beautiful swan turns into an old hag after marrying a guy and getting so accustomed to domestic life and being "homely". Or when the attraction and spark is not there with your husband. Hnngh, will see what it's like. Someday.

I am also feeling very dizzy with sleeping. Stupid sleeping cycle TERBALIK.

Bye peeps. I hope you can't sleep too. :)

Monday, 22 November 2010


Revlon Iced Spice nail polish. :)

It's been a long time since I've done nail polish. Mmmmn holidays! I'm revelling it.

And oh yes baby I ate sushi today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday. Where's sushi land? I can gobble up all the sushi in the world~




As you may know I have been scouring for lomo cameras. AND DANG! WooOOOOoooOOOo~

I found the cheapest one. It was RM118 but shrunk to RM83 after a good 30% discount. NICE. At Kinokuniya. It was there for quite a while. Sometimes waiting pays off. Saw the same model for about RM130 in inQbox at 1U.

My itchy hands... I had to kiddify and personalize it a bit. What better way to do it than with stickers. But it's probably temporal, like my iPhone decorations. I like dressing up electronic gadgets. And the green thing attached is jelly lens. The effect is fisheye!

The reason I so gladly bought a lomo camera is because my pink camera went kaput. Looked for help in Sony Centre but I knew it was futile the moment they directed me to Customer Service.

Customer Service for spoiled electric gadgets? Most of the time they only placate you with words and proceed to introduce you with new models.

But I shall cherish the fun times we had. Hmph. They told me they don't cater the battery anymore, MODEL TOO OLD. Insult my camera eventhough it's dead!

Nola. Sony is OK. I'm just mourning the occasion of the demise of my dear camera.

But I am still glad to be introduced into the world of lomography!

Lomography camera mostly uses film. The colours are mostly vivid and contrasting. It's a lil' unpredictable therefore each shot is unique. Mine has a bit of vignetting at the corners. It's been years since I've develop any photos. Most of them just stay on facebook.

The difference between lomography and digital photography is like pop music and classical music. Pop- commercial, mass produced and a little lacking of passion. I don't know. With digital camera I can click away blithely while with lomo I'll be more careful with the film I use and find more meaningful things to capture.

FISHEYE! Cute or not!

I am deliriously excited to develop my first lomo film. Sigh. Like first love.

Friday, 19 November 2010

1u outing with 38 gang

Friday was last day of school. Wow. Form 4 IS A HONEYMOON YEAR. Next year they're probably gonna drill us with SPM bla bla bla.

Did some video and played games. CONCENTRATION IS MY RHYTHM~

Some of them who were leaving cried after hugging some friends. :( And, bbq, this year's school fees went up as well. It's like age, it goes up but never comes down.

Went to 1u after school. With Siet Yen, Yih Wern, Jun Wen and Nicole. I must say this again. I ate sushi. Sigh. Sushi is heaven. I always drag friends to eat sushi during outings. Beware. :o

Sushi Zanmai. But sushi restaurants always have lousy service. Zanmai's ok, while another day at Nippon the waiter rolled his eyes and did the sulky, "i'm pissed" face when my friend pronounced the sushi name incorrectly. Waiters get treated viciously and then they treat the customers viciously. The bitchy insidious chain of reaction.

The first store we went at 1u was at Jaspal. It was fun because we were just about the only customer. Siet yen's shopaholic side was surfacing monstrously. Looking at bags. Could not choose between the two and so bought both. And then looked around more and bought more clothes. Women are like that. :)

Nicole and I were camwhoring.

Tried on a jacket. Didn't buy it. I have this habit of trying on clothes and taking pictures. And then it makes me happy because I feel like I've owned it for a while.

Wandered to nearby shops. DENG DENG DENG! Found Xuan. 1u is always, always filled with Bestarians. She was with Mimi. Dragged them back to Jaspal and camwhored in the fitting room. Glad to bump into Mimi. She'll be homeschooling next year!
Our movie was Unstoppable. It was an okay movie. Quite thrilling when things crash but plot is a bit typical. Chris Pine was nice to watch. I like blue eyes.
With Asian it's mostly just black eyes black eyebrows black hair black EVERYTHING(but it suits us).

And then Yih Wern started to pine for Chris Pine too and started calling him her husband. Then I saw the showboard. Ahem.

Ate dinner at BBQ plaza. Fun to sizzle food. Daniel came for a while. He limped in. Saw Form 5 eating there too.

Very very cheap. 50% off from Siet Yen's coupon. :)

And then after a day of outing I flop onto bed like a Snorlax.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Vincent's Birthday, Yih Wern's house, 38 times

Hey :)

Today is Nicole's and Vincent's birthday. Went to Yih Wern's house(near Vince). Got the thumbdrive and uploaded those 38 pictures from way back. Yih Wern too lazy to upload!

Got my 50 bucks back. :) Didn't stay long at his party. Ahem. Went back to Yih Wern's house after a while to accompany her. She was supposed to go to the party but once her mum heard that it's a birthday party, STRAIGHT NO. I didn't know it was so pantang. :(

And Nicole. :) She can do M lips. I am practising very diligently.

Camwhore. Not bad right? Getting more skill. Must watch people more. My inspirations are Marilyn Monroe and Ngo Jun Wen.

MY "LENG". Mini minion.

Yih Wern. :) Her sister is very naughty and aggresive. She smacked my butt. I think if you have a younger sister it trains you very well to become a mum. Cannot stop laughing when Yih Wern was trying to scold her sister.

Took a taxi there by calling the taxi centre. Worth the money(13 bucks(. Yih Wern's house is fun. Sigh. I like her room. Got her own toilet! Guat Tyng was there also. Photographer of the day.

And then next her cousin fetched us to Vincent's party. There was LUK LUK. Dip various fishballs and crabmeat. Saw Joo Yee, Kar Man, Weng Hock, Kwok Shien, Chun Moon and etc. Mostly guys.

Nicole got fujifilm instax from Jck Sng for her birthday. SIBEH ENVIOUS. I shall get one soon. PHOTOS ARE FUN. Almost magical, like freezing a moment within its time frame.

Guat Tyng brought me back to Yih Wern's house afterwards. Ahem Xian Jiong came too, ahem ahem. Recorded karaoke video in her room. Suddenly, got smelly poo poo smell. Her silly sis FARTED. I feel very violated when I smell people's fart. A violent assault of the nostrils.

But you know, sometimes being able to fart in front of someone without cringing is a measure of closeness. Usually, I laugh when people fart because it's a shameless thing to do. If I want to fart, by the way, I will announce it first so you will have ample time to evacuate. :D

Called taxi centre to go back home. The lady called me back and told me there was no taxi available. I WAS LIKE, OMG PLEASE DON'T KID ME. And then she hung up. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever 21. Splurged a little. The silly cashier forgot to pack my belt. PFFT. Have to go all the way back to Pavillion. I am anxious to get it back. Called the store, the guy was like, "Mam, you can come to the store and take it back MAM."

I AM NOT YOUR MAM! But it sounds funny and eased myself a lil'. xD

AND OOHHH~ Some of the pics from Siet Yen's party. It shall henceforth be crowned as the best party of the year! :)

During fire drill! So free right? From Yih Wern's cam.

Camwhoring in the middle of their basketball game.



Saturday, 13 November 2010

Siet Yen's party & 1U


Yesterday was tiring. Went to school. Had kung fu performance. Like Ip-Man. While they were hee-hahing I couldn't stop laughing. The way they were so serious was...cute. Got report card. Got highest for Commerce, English and Civic. Hohoho! But maths and chemistry damn bad!

Went to 1U. I wanted to buy clothes but blew it on... Nintendo DS game cartridge. Asian Nerd. :) I got one of those rip-off 131 in 1 cartridge. Must be cheapskate a bit when you have limited financial resources. Meant to play it when I go Taiwan. Because I know when you follow tour, you always have to sit on the bus.

Tried some clothes at Topshop. Mimi & Xuan's favourite! The top was cute but can see the belly. And I just realised that the clothes at Topshop are better than Forever 21 eventhough their prices are quite the same.

Ate Nippon Yataimura. OM NOM NOM SUSHI.

Went to inQbox. Bought 24k gold plated stickers which apparently repels electromagnetic waves. It's a little bambi stuck ontop of my phone. Bought some present. So many presents to buy! Saw some cute lomography camera, but no Diana. I want a mini Diana. Taking pictures is fun. Can add fish-eye lens somemore.

And stupid, I forgot to take my camera to repair! Silly battery gone kaput. Electronic gadgets are never reliable. :/

Xuan came quite late so Mimi left before seeing Xuan. And now I know, Xuan is a "fei gei yau". This is a cantonese term for people who flake often!

Went to the Nursery Room. It was so cute. After we finished camwhoring Wesley fetched us to dsp. Fetched Joey also. Hi if you're reading! :)

I wish I was taller.

Siet Yen's party was at Kay's Garden. Hui Yee's aunty's restaurant I think? Shu Yin did her party there before too. Quite a lot of ppl came! Fun using Jun Wen's camera. She asked me to do a sexy pose and that's when I started getting a little bit 38.

Jun Wen and Daniel and a little bit of Dylan at the back.

Jun Wen jangled her bracelets at me and I thought what, then realised it was actually a birthday gift I bought for her! Hohoho glad she's wearing it.

Filmed some clips of people wishing her happy birthday. So funny! And I thought Sizo and King Jiat were hugging but turns out King Jiat was just feeling a little tipsy. Lol. I thought they were an item already.

OK. That's all. I'm getting a little sick of myself.

I'm gonna ENJOY MY DS GAME. TA! ;]