Friday, 19 November 2010

1u outing with 38 gang

Friday was last day of school. Wow. Form 4 IS A HONEYMOON YEAR. Next year they're probably gonna drill us with SPM bla bla bla.

Did some video and played games. CONCENTRATION IS MY RHYTHM~

Some of them who were leaving cried after hugging some friends. :( And, bbq, this year's school fees went up as well. It's like age, it goes up but never comes down.

Went to 1u after school. With Siet Yen, Yih Wern, Jun Wen and Nicole. I must say this again. I ate sushi. Sigh. Sushi is heaven. I always drag friends to eat sushi during outings. Beware. :o

Sushi Zanmai. But sushi restaurants always have lousy service. Zanmai's ok, while another day at Nippon the waiter rolled his eyes and did the sulky, "i'm pissed" face when my friend pronounced the sushi name incorrectly. Waiters get treated viciously and then they treat the customers viciously. The bitchy insidious chain of reaction.

The first store we went at 1u was at Jaspal. It was fun because we were just about the only customer. Siet yen's shopaholic side was surfacing monstrously. Looking at bags. Could not choose between the two and so bought both. And then looked around more and bought more clothes. Women are like that. :)

Nicole and I were camwhoring.

Tried on a jacket. Didn't buy it. I have this habit of trying on clothes and taking pictures. And then it makes me happy because I feel like I've owned it for a while.

Wandered to nearby shops. DENG DENG DENG! Found Xuan. 1u is always, always filled with Bestarians. She was with Mimi. Dragged them back to Jaspal and camwhored in the fitting room. Glad to bump into Mimi. She'll be homeschooling next year!
Our movie was Unstoppable. It was an okay movie. Quite thrilling when things crash but plot is a bit typical. Chris Pine was nice to watch. I like blue eyes.
With Asian it's mostly just black eyes black eyebrows black hair black EVERYTHING(but it suits us).

And then Yih Wern started to pine for Chris Pine too and started calling him her husband. Then I saw the showboard. Ahem.

Ate dinner at BBQ plaza. Fun to sizzle food. Daniel came for a while. He limped in. Saw Form 5 eating there too.

Very very cheap. 50% off from Siet Yen's coupon. :)

And then after a day of outing I flop onto bed like a Snorlax.

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