Sunday, 7 November 2010


Went to church. Stayed at home for 5 days!

OHMYGOOOOOSH. I'm so bored. Bored to tears bored. Holiday is supposed to be relaxing, but I just feel deprived of social contact. And then I get like a dead fish when I have nothing to wake up for.

Going to Taiwan in December. Nice! At least there's something to look forward to. Following tour. Sometimes you get lucky and make new friends. Also have Youth Camp.

Xuan got a haircut! First saw, like, woah! So different. She kept hitting me because she thought I was mocking her. Hahaha. It looks cute.

NGHHH. Going to school tomorrow. Must bring something of my own to entertain myself. Mei Yen said no lessons going on when she went to school. PAHHHHH. I hate boredom.

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