Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween :D

Halloween. Phew.

Went to Sim Kuan's apartment on 1st day. Ahhh, no parents. :) A lot of people complained about the noise, through the phone and one guy came to our door to scold us! Hahahaha.

Sim Kuan's plan was to swim at night because Sara and Yen Yi were coming late. Turns out pools were inevitably closed at night. We went to Valencia Club (long walk, stupid wedges!). Tijan said we could swim whenever we want.

Found out pool was closed when we arrived. Even the toilet! Funny there was no guard. Of course we don't want to go there for nothing. Nazri was the first to go in. And then the rest follow suit. It was nice. Like having a private pool.

And then abruptly people started scrambling out of the pool. Thought someone caught us. Ran with wet clothes and bare feet. Fun to do something forbidden, though I'm not sure why we were so afraid of getting caught.

Um. After we got out of Valencia though, we went to swim at the Villamas' pool. Through the basement, because we needed to be furtive. We swam for a while. Then the guard came. But he was polite when shoo-ing us out!

And then mostly it was watching movies together. Some of them were funny, some of them had raunchy sex scenes.

I didn't sleepover. Kinda wished I did! Mostly the fun goes up at night. They played truth or dare, and a little something else. Wild thingy. :)

I did go to church the next morning! SAND the BAND was performing. They were very talented musicians! Had a workshop thingy going on too.

Pics with the band! First one everyone not ready cos we were looking at bobo trip. xD

Did worship leading for children. Lucky there's people assisting me. The children stare back at you with nervous and expectant faces. Scary lah!

Pics thanks to Stephy's new camera. :D Didn't see the victors for a long time. Where are they? :o

Right after, went back to Sim Kuan's. The party mode had already mellowed down. Luckily things picked up for Trick or Treat.

We had to walk a pretty long long walk to Mei Yen's house. It was a little scary, like being in a horror movie, because it was very dark and it was halloween. Jason kept me company(he was also lugging 3 bags). Was the only girl there because the others have left and Sim Kuan was surprisingly not up for trick or treat.

Made a pit stop at Desmond's house. He had those oriental antique chairs that looked like they came out from a period drama. Jin Fye would look very at home there. :)

When we arrived at Mei Yen's though, they didn't join us for trick or treat. Erh. Different cliques! Cliques separate people, but I think in a good way. You find people you can "click" with. Same language and interest wavelength. People who get each other.

I don't have a clique, but it's easy to mix around. Mostly it's the language. Chinese who don't speak chinese(mostly Science 1) and chinese who don't usually speak english.

Still quite a lot more who aren't in the picture. A lot of them showed up this year. :D Mei Yen said about 60...

There was also a future Bestarian. Same age but doing remove! I think his name was something like "TC". I heard PC and laughed. Ahem. He has a nice smile! :)

Jun Wen had the best costume. Her make-up! Blood spilling out of her lips and eyes. You know they say girls usually dress slutty on Halloween. I like that she dared to look scary and a little repulsive.

My expression had a bit of genuine horror because both of them had scary make up. Jin Fye was a little annoyed because he had to come late waiting for someone, and he complained with all the blood on his face...

Luckily Jun Wen had her camera. Stupidly forget that iPhone wouldn't suffice. No flash. xD

And then this year we made the mistake of going out too late again. There was a haunted house but it was closed already! WHY SO EARLY?! It's halloween and ghosts stay late into the night! Of course mostly it was dressed-up teenagers roaming the streets.

Stopped by at Kwok Shien's house too. Kok Leong used the opportunity to post crap using his facebook account. Crap like "I'm gay". Only say him doing that one, and then I went home and saw he crapped on me. Put Kwok Shien's status as "I love Karen". Kok Leong is onto becoming the next SY.

Didn't get much sweets but it was fun because it was a much bigger group for this year. Never wear heels to do trick or treat! You'd want to look nice, but really, sacrifice the shoe or risk crippling yourself.

And then, was mostly in Mei Yen's karaoke room.

Sigh. I think Halloween at Valencia could be a tradition. And then even if we graduated we'd still meet up every Halloween. Sim Kuan also suddenly said that she's like us to sleepover there even if she's dead(like choi, lah!). Joked that we could hold a séance for her.

Those who didn't come this year must try next year! Before you get old and get self-conscious doing trick or treat. ;)

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