Saturday, 27 November 2010


Someone posted this on facebook. Hohoho. I still have that photo.

I used to have really long hair in Primary and then chopped it off for Secondary. My mum liked to tie them into two pigtails and pretend I'm Sailormoon.

I have short hair to chop getting ready time for school. :D Sometimes I feel like my face is too big when no hair is covering a part of it. And then there's Eunice's vision where I grow my hair long and broke down crying.

Now, I guess I'll leave my hair alone and see if I'd break down someday. Long story!

Had spontaneous sleepover last night. I'm afraid of getting old and never being able to do sleepover. It's hard to sleep having a person next to you though. I can't shut up. Said good night to Natalie thrice before sleeping. I wonder what does sleeping with your husband feels like...

It also scares me when a beautiful swan turns into an old hag after marrying a guy and getting so accustomed to domestic life and being "homely". Or when the attraction and spark is not there with your husband. Hnngh, will see what it's like. Someday.

I am also feeling very dizzy with sleeping. Stupid sleeping cycle TERBALIK.

Bye peeps. I hope you can't sleep too. :)

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