Monday, 22 November 2010


Revlon Iced Spice nail polish. :)

It's been a long time since I've done nail polish. Mmmmn holidays! I'm revelling it.

And oh yes baby I ate sushi today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday. Where's sushi land? I can gobble up all the sushi in the world~




As you may know I have been scouring for lomo cameras. AND DANG! WooOOOOoooOOOo~

I found the cheapest one. It was RM118 but shrunk to RM83 after a good 30% discount. NICE. At Kinokuniya. It was there for quite a while. Sometimes waiting pays off. Saw the same model for about RM130 in inQbox at 1U.

My itchy hands... I had to kiddify and personalize it a bit. What better way to do it than with stickers. But it's probably temporal, like my iPhone decorations. I like dressing up electronic gadgets. And the green thing attached is jelly lens. The effect is fisheye!

The reason I so gladly bought a lomo camera is because my pink camera went kaput. Looked for help in Sony Centre but I knew it was futile the moment they directed me to Customer Service.

Customer Service for spoiled electric gadgets? Most of the time they only placate you with words and proceed to introduce you with new models.

But I shall cherish the fun times we had. Hmph. They told me they don't cater the battery anymore, MODEL TOO OLD. Insult my camera eventhough it's dead!

Nola. Sony is OK. I'm just mourning the occasion of the demise of my dear camera.

But I am still glad to be introduced into the world of lomography!

Lomography camera mostly uses film. The colours are mostly vivid and contrasting. It's a lil' unpredictable therefore each shot is unique. Mine has a bit of vignetting at the corners. It's been years since I've develop any photos. Most of them just stay on facebook.

The difference between lomography and digital photography is like pop music and classical music. Pop- commercial, mass produced and a little lacking of passion. I don't know. With digital camera I can click away blithely while with lomo I'll be more careful with the film I use and find more meaningful things to capture.

FISHEYE! Cute or not!

I am deliriously excited to develop my first lomo film. Sigh. Like first love.

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