Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Mei Yen's house

Today I dragged my ass over to Mei Yen's house. I wanted to go swimming. But ended up 3 of us had period. Bam, in sync. You know, they say that the hormones in the air mingles when you are with other girls, and it can influence your cycle.

Nicole came by a bit late. She baked cookies for Mei Yen (her birthday's tomorrow) and the first batch burnt. The cookies were awesome, still a bit warm.

We watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend. OMG. Cannot stop laughing when they had sex and the supergirl ended up dragging the bed along as she humped her boyfriend. And then the next one the girl had sex until they drove the bed through the wall. And then they had sex in the air. Walao, so creative with sex scenes. -.- Hahaha.

Painted my face. Was rifling through Mei Yen's drawers, found some leftover crayons from halloween. Did a moustache, because I know I'll never be able to grow a real one. Also added eyelashes. Now, my dream of getting long eyelashes is fulfilled.

And wait for this.....


Channelling my inner Marilyn Monroe!

Cleaned my face!

Cycled to Nicole's house. I like going to people's house. It's fascinating to see how they live and stuff. Her bedroom had a mini balcony connected. So cute. Would be so romantic if in the middle of night Jck Sng(her bf) came and threw rocks at her window. And her door was a clear sliding door, covered with curtains.

Her laptop was playing Gee by Girls Generation. Mei Yen could not help herself and ended up busting some moves. OMG. Want to vomit. Girls Generation dance all look very slutty and childish, they only look nice if you got some costume on. But I ended up dancing with Mei Yen. Hahaha.

Made Nicole play her guitar. Nice! Wanted to hear her sing but she "pai seh"! In the end waited for Dad to pick me up with no one at Mei Yen's house because her relatives came abruptly. Bleh. Btw, Mei Yen went to The Gardens with the face paint, moustache and all.

Ran 5 rounds when I came back home! About 2 km maybe. It's like, you think you can't do another round, but you keep on going and suddenly you're already halfway there. And then I realised I wasn't exerting myself enough last time. Almost forgot how it feels. Chest out of breathe, throat burning a little. Poo poo. Not enough stamina.

Energy is an odd thing. You have to use it to gain more. I don't want to be a lazy pudgy couch potato. And people who are fat say they aren't lazy at all, which is odd because I always thought that sedentary lifestyle was what built up fats.

Oh yeah, I also painted my manikin. It is a doll you use as a frame for different positions. They tell you at the package, can be manipulated into virtually any position- but that is a big fat lie. Obviously the word "virtually" carries a huge margin for error. Stupid arm spring snapped. Ma de. That thing is not even cheap!

So I ended up painting it. Stupid decorative doll. Decorative things are always pretty but useless. Sometimes I think because something's beautiful, they can use it as an excuse not to be functional. Sometimes I can't help thinking if someone's pretty, they're probably not hard-working. I know right.

In reference to this :)
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

And today you have the honor of looking at my sketches!

One of the things that usually happens when I look through my old sketches is that I cringe. Because somehow I always feel like I was overestimating myself, and looking back what you thought was great was only good. It feels forever that way. Natalie was nice, she said that's because we're always improving. Hehehe. :)
And this woman from paris! She is so good. Visit her blog for more awesome-ness! I'd die and go to heaven when I can become as good as her. :o Her sketchings are sometimes in French Vogue.

And one more! Interesting blog! Tavi.


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