Saturday, 13 November 2010

Siet Yen's party & 1U


Yesterday was tiring. Went to school. Had kung fu performance. Like Ip-Man. While they were hee-hahing I couldn't stop laughing. The way they were so serious was...cute. Got report card. Got highest for Commerce, English and Civic. Hohoho! But maths and chemistry damn bad!

Went to 1U. I wanted to buy clothes but blew it on... Nintendo DS game cartridge. Asian Nerd. :) I got one of those rip-off 131 in 1 cartridge. Must be cheapskate a bit when you have limited financial resources. Meant to play it when I go Taiwan. Because I know when you follow tour, you always have to sit on the bus.

Tried some clothes at Topshop. Mimi & Xuan's favourite! The top was cute but can see the belly. And I just realised that the clothes at Topshop are better than Forever 21 eventhough their prices are quite the same.

Ate Nippon Yataimura. OM NOM NOM SUSHI.

Went to inQbox. Bought 24k gold plated stickers which apparently repels electromagnetic waves. It's a little bambi stuck ontop of my phone. Bought some present. So many presents to buy! Saw some cute lomography camera, but no Diana. I want a mini Diana. Taking pictures is fun. Can add fish-eye lens somemore.

And stupid, I forgot to take my camera to repair! Silly battery gone kaput. Electronic gadgets are never reliable. :/

Xuan came quite late so Mimi left before seeing Xuan. And now I know, Xuan is a "fei gei yau". This is a cantonese term for people who flake often!

Went to the Nursery Room. It was so cute. After we finished camwhoring Wesley fetched us to dsp. Fetched Joey also. Hi if you're reading! :)

I wish I was taller.

Siet Yen's party was at Kay's Garden. Hui Yee's aunty's restaurant I think? Shu Yin did her party there before too. Quite a lot of ppl came! Fun using Jun Wen's camera. She asked me to do a sexy pose and that's when I started getting a little bit 38.

Jun Wen and Daniel and a little bit of Dylan at the back.

Jun Wen jangled her bracelets at me and I thought what, then realised it was actually a birthday gift I bought for her! Hohoho glad she's wearing it.

Filmed some clips of people wishing her happy birthday. So funny! And I thought Sizo and King Jiat were hugging but turns out King Jiat was just feeling a little tipsy. Lol. I thought they were an item already.

OK. That's all. I'm getting a little sick of myself.

I'm gonna ENJOY MY DS GAME. TA! ;]

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