Monday, 29 November 2010


Taiwan. I'm EXCITEDDDDDD. But I always get excited regardless of the country I'm going.

I hate sitting on an airplane, though. The humidity plus constrictiveness is effectively nausea-inducing. I used to dread cinemas because they used to remind of sitting an airplane. Got over it, though. Thank goodness. Now... if only I can stop dreading airplanes.

Invent teleportation, please? The amount of time wasted on transportation is absurd. Don't you hate it when the time taken to get there is more than the time spent there? >:( The longest flight I've had was about 21 hours. To America. Transit in-between, but still! Bleurgh! America was fun, though!

Looked on the itinerary and ZOMG, we're spending a night at "FLYING COW LEISURE FARM". Flying cow? Seriously? All I'm getting is cows with strap-on wings like in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

I'm going to find some flying cows. I hope I don't get dissapointed and find it's nothing but a name. OH BABY GIVE ME SOME WINGS.

Also spent bloody 6 hours scouring for lovely illegal music downloads. Muse. Linkin Park. 30 Seconds to Mars. Eminem. I love Rock music. Ta-dah, I've found my genre! Some music to entertain me during bloody transportation time.

Bought packets of Maggi Mee for the maid to sustain herself when we're gone. She said it made her hair fall out. And then my dad smiled and said, "No, it's good for you! Lose more hair, grow more hair!".

Coming back on next Tuesday.


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