Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Seems like everyone I know has fallen sick. :o

I was sick. 4th time this year. I'm OK now! Perfect timing! Manage to skip 3 days of school and then tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is deepavali holiday. Hehehe.

I think it was due to swimming at night and not getting enough sleep. "Partying" takes stamina. Mei Yen told me only half of our class were in attendance on most school days. Pah. Lazy lazy. Avoiding school also because I was pissed about the final exam making me feel trapped for 2 weeks.

Drinking some disgusting cough syrup. Yuck. The chocolate vanilla flavour tastes so appallingly artificial. PUI! But I figured that if I pinched my nose and avoid smelling it, I won't taste it so much.

I forgot to ask for a syringe. Those are so fun to play with! Must remember to get one the next time my fall sick. OMG. I WANT.

The doctor also tried to scare me by asking me to come back to check for H1N1 if the fever persists. No such thing, OK! I'm fineee. I tried testing for it once before, they stick this long huge ass cotton swab into your nose. It stings a bit!

And I've gotten pretty familiar with medicines... Loratadine for flu, paracetamol for fever and euphon lozenges for sore throat. Sometimes, I keep leftover medicines and use them when I feel like getting sick. Um. Dunno if that's good or bad. :o

Kay, that's all!

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