Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Vincent's Birthday, Yih Wern's house, 38 times

Hey :)

Today is Nicole's and Vincent's birthday. Went to Yih Wern's house(near Vince). Got the thumbdrive and uploaded those 38 pictures from way back. Yih Wern too lazy to upload!

Got my 50 bucks back. :) Didn't stay long at his party. Ahem. Went back to Yih Wern's house after a while to accompany her. She was supposed to go to the party but once her mum heard that it's a birthday party, STRAIGHT NO. I didn't know it was so pantang. :(

And Nicole. :) She can do M lips. I am practising very diligently.

Camwhore. Not bad right? Getting more skill. Must watch people more. My inspirations are Marilyn Monroe and Ngo Jun Wen.

MY "LENG". Mini minion.

Yih Wern. :) Her sister is very naughty and aggresive. She smacked my butt. I think if you have a younger sister it trains you very well to become a mum. Cannot stop laughing when Yih Wern was trying to scold her sister.

Took a taxi there by calling the taxi centre. Worth the money(13 bucks(. Yih Wern's house is fun. Sigh. I like her room. Got her own toilet! Guat Tyng was there also. Photographer of the day.

And then next her cousin fetched us to Vincent's party. There was LUK LUK. Dip various fishballs and crabmeat. Saw Joo Yee, Kar Man, Weng Hock, Kwok Shien, Chun Moon and etc. Mostly guys.

Nicole got fujifilm instax from Jck Sng for her birthday. SIBEH ENVIOUS. I shall get one soon. PHOTOS ARE FUN. Almost magical, like freezing a moment within its time frame.

Guat Tyng brought me back to Yih Wern's house afterwards. Ahem Xian Jiong came too, ahem ahem. Recorded karaoke video in her room. Suddenly, got smelly poo poo smell. Her silly sis FARTED. I feel very violated when I smell people's fart. A violent assault of the nostrils.

But you know, sometimes being able to fart in front of someone without cringing is a measure of closeness. Usually, I laugh when people fart because it's a shameless thing to do. If I want to fart, by the way, I will announce it first so you will have ample time to evacuate. :D

Called taxi centre to go back home. The lady called me back and told me there was no taxi available. I WAS LIKE, OMG PLEASE DON'T KID ME. And then she hung up. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever 21. Splurged a little. The silly cashier forgot to pack my belt. PFFT. Have to go all the way back to Pavillion. I am anxious to get it back. Called the store, the guy was like, "Mam, you can come to the store and take it back MAM."

I AM NOT YOUR MAM! But it sounds funny and eased myself a lil'. xD

AND OOHHH~ Some of the pics from Siet Yen's party. It shall henceforth be crowned as the best party of the year! :)

During fire drill! So free right? From Yih Wern's cam.

Camwhoring in the middle of their basketball game.



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