Thursday, 30 December 2010


Watched movies with Mei Yen yesterday. I hadn't seen my dear in more than a month. Ate at Sushi King, again. The one at 1U is not so good, but Mei Yen always insist relentlessly on going there.

Had a laughing fit discussing Bonanza terms. Sometimes, it's not that things are really funny- it's just that when something doesn't make sense, we look at each other and the laughter just goes... off. Um. A few people stared.

At times, I feel like having a bestfriend means I can't stick to anyone else, but most times, I can't be more glad.

Today is the first I've experienced watching two movies in a day. Pretty late when we got home. Gulliver's Travels and Tron. Mei Yen had already watched the latter, but I was desperate enough to bribe her by paying half of her ticket.

Expensive. Ouch. 3D. Tron was a CGI-fest, awesome for 3D. But little acting or plot. So I guess it'll probably only look good in 3D. Avatar was nice in the cinemas but the DVD was a completely "different" experience. Gulliver's Travels, um... okok.

Bought some food before I went home, so today I had sushi and good ol' chicken nuggeto for breakfast. Upon my dismal, though, my eyes were met with a box of newly emptied tic tacs in the morning. I SMSed my brother(the obvious culprit) and was like, "Omg you finish my tic tacs issit! Buy me new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

I don't mind sharing, but I don't like it when the other person doesn't gives, and it's more like "parasiticing" than sharing. But OK he did relented to get me a new one. :) And also, the rule of taking food: DO NOT TAKE THE LAST PIECE!

Holiday is taking a toll on me. Got nothin' to do. Aiyo. Eat. Read. Sleep.


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