Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Dinner

HO HO HO. I can feel the Christmas spirit coming.

Went to Christmas Dinner at Church. Last minute thing, glad I went. :) Got some extra tickets from Victor. Wooo, brimming with people this year. Church is always super active during Christmas.

James and Sim Kuan came to church. :)) Would be fun to see Bestarians overtaking FGT. Come come come! A lot of BSD 2 people there, too!

We were supposed to wear cultural dress... but I have no culture, so I came in some non-cultural red dress. I don't know, Santa's partner, maybe? Louise looked very cute in her yukata. Tracy was the only Hawaiian chick. And surprisingly, quite a lot of people have japanese clothing.

Tommy said I looked emo sometimes. I think I have a sad neutral face. :( I don't know. Pah. I don't want to look pissy and snubbish. OK, when I look sad, it's my normal face. Unless I only give some odd one word reply, which probably means I'm sulking. If you don't want to see my emo face talk to me and I'll smile. :) Hohoho.

Feliz Navidad~~~

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