Monday, 27 December 2010


Went to The Curve with Natalie today.

Took some pictures to test drive the camera. :)) It's no DSLR, but very very nice to camwhore with. I love the dual LCD screen. Sigh, why did it take so long to figure out this wonderful feature? Used to get very exasperated trying to find the perfect angle.

Watched Narnia. I WANT 3D. It was... tolerable. Um. 5 out of 10?

Ate yummy food. Sushi and laksa. Nat told me when you eat and process carbohydrates you produce serotonin(feel-good chemical) which seems to be the reason why some people binge eat when they're sad.

Nagged at to buy school books. I feel old. I'm going to be 17. :( Goodbye, sweet sixteen. But I'm not even reluctant for school to be reopened because I'm in slob mode(very unproductive) for holidays. I'd miss being able to sleep late, though.

Scott's coming to Bestari next year. :)

Fisheye lens! It feels like I'm in a TV. Forced Nat to help me take pics.

For a while, we wandered around to find taxi stand. Couldn't find it. Ahem. Had to tag along with Nat. Got a little worried when it started raining.

OH. I also bought some books. Hadn't read good novels in a long time. I like people who read. Otherwise you'll have incorrect spelling and limited vocabulary, OK? Also, I think I'll be insecure of speaking English if I was in UK.

They're gonna have like different accents. I hope my Manglish doesn't come out with all the dunno la, ya meh, aiyo, those type of things.

Asked Nat if she wanted to be pretty like a supermodel but be dumb or be ugly but smart like a rocket scientist. She chose the latter. I'd go with the former because when you're smart people are gonna exploit you. Plus, it's tiring to think. So much easier to just sit there and look pretty.

But OK I don't want to be a bimbo either. I'm so like, gonna read a book.

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