Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 2 I think

Still in Taiwan. :D

Bro brought laptop... to play DotA. This is the second day. Very tired, I felt like I was on my ass for a very long time. I think they spend hours on transportation but minutes to spend at the destination. :o

I used to think sightseeing was boring but now I think it's marvelous because you get to camwhore.


This was in Yehliu, some rock formation thingy. We didn't reach the top though, NO TIME. People are always yelling us to hurry up, and then my Aunt was commented that this was like a "Meet Me Halfway" trip.

AIN'T THIS BUGGER ADORABLE? Took it in a hurry cos I was afraid of getting shoo-ed by the shopkeeper.


Cool, maybe. About 20 degree celsius, and the tour guide asked us to bring scarf. As the day went on I stopped using my jacket and removed the white leggings. HMMMN. My grannie brought her heavy duty goose down parka.
Oh, and even my grandmother knows how to camwhore.

We went too some night market thingy and there were lots of hawkers selling snack. Fong Jia Night Market. The shoes were bought in a shop, DANG CHEAP, I LIKE. About RM50 for both of those.

But! Branded handbags are crazy expensive. Not sure why. This one burberry bag which was 900 at Malaysia was more than double in Taiwan. WUT. I wonder if she checked the wrong price. Hngh. Have to check again! >:O

OH, and a baby(literally) hair dryer that I found just beside me.

I shamefully admit that I am not good with communicating with the Taiwanese. I ordered MOS burger in English but the dude didn't understand me! :( And then another woman served me. I ordered a Filet O Fish and BAM!, it tastes better than McDonalds'. Less junk-foody.

THE STUFF HERE ARE CHEAP. Especially food! And you'll save money more if you come here too, because the amount of money gives the illusion of it being expensive- 100NT$ is about RM10.

I am very tired of being cooped up in the bus and airplane and I hope it'll be different tomorrow. Tomorrow would be some Earthquake Museum which got postponed(sounds depressing). Am going to see cows, but the last time I saw cattle, they were in a pen and covered in knee-dip bull shit(very literally).


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