Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Home Sweet Home


Back home. :) I love my bed. Especially after a back-breaking plane ride. The trip was very rushed but I'm glad I did some travelling. Otherwise I'd be on my ass at home all the time. Wait- I was on my ass in the bus all the time at Taiwan too. xD

Visited a one or two temples and some very oriental buildings. Thank God there weren't much incense smell. Today, first thing in the morning was my gramma feeding incense to them idols. Phewt, they itch and crowd my nostrils.

Visited an Earthquake museum. It was a school where an Eathquake landed. So depressing! Run when nature wrecks havoc!

Hello, Peacock. There were quite a few, but none opened its feathers. Come on y'all, get horny and flirty! We made some bird noises, the feathers rose a little, but I think more in curiousity and partial disgust than anything.

Their feathers catch light very beautifully. Iridescent magic! I like lightly coloured eyes too, because they seem to have more depth in them. But dark eyes suit Oriental features more. :) Pearls and diamonds and crystal catch light very prettily too.

Now, the "Flying Cow Ranch" I mentioned; it was more like "Milking Cow Ranch". They let us squeeze out some milk, but I didn't, because I felt like everyone was molesting its nipples. I patted the cow's tummy. It was very warm and motherly. Also, sorry cow, for using leather. I try to justify it by thinking that cow is killed for beef in the first place, but something still feels wrong.

I look very bulgy there with the cow because I had mutiple layers of clothing. The sweater was borrowed from my brother spontaneously, because, damn, the moment I stepped out of the bus and the wind touched me, it was very chilly. The coldest!

But because I was shivering like a leave(ahem, the skirt minus leggings), I got to sit on the car with other older tour members while others walked. And because I arrived earlier, I managed to feed some goats!!!!!!!!! I FED SOME GOATSSS!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!

I dunno how their tongues withstand the scratchy, prickly underside of the grass. I TOUCHED THE GOAT TOO. And then they left, back into their pens. Like a magnet pulled them in! Obedient goatiesss! And I am very glad because I was the only one, others arrived too late. :(

At night, we made egg tarts. It was fun. I think we were the only table with two sets of ingredients... We stole the set from the empty table beside us. :B

The hotel that night was in a house. Like a mini cottage!!! It was cold even without air-cond. Also walked around the ranch for a while. Sat and watched some stars. It's hard to see stars in the city, with all the bright lights shining.

On the other hand, we missed out on some of the activities at the ranch because of the selfish, sneaky tour guide. I think they should raise tour guide's salaries so that they won't try to sneak in factory visits that aren't even listed in our itineraries to get comission.

It's normal for tours to have them, but here, it's obvious that the tour guide prioritize his benefits over ours. I mean, I get angry thinking we had to listen to them promoting the benefits of eating mushrooms when I could be cuddling bunnies, painting frickin' cow figurines and feeding MOAR GOATIESSS. Hmph.

FINE. Nevermind. I DID FEED SOME GOATIESS. Sigh. Goats can be cute, too. They're so docile. Oh, sheep too. Fluffy bundles of "meh-heh-heh-HEH".

Next, we witnessed a soldier exchanging ceremony. Again, I did not pay attention to name of the place, we never get more than an hour at one place! Oh wait- I think it was called Martyr's Shrine.

They stood like statues, at the beginning I was not sure if they were fellow humans. Come to think of it, it's hard to do nothing. COMPLETELY NOTHING!

It reminds me of the soldiers at Buckingham Palace, but they had very cool towering hats. I googled it and BAM, it was bear skin! But they said the military is replacing it with articial furs now, so I'm not sure...

And also(!), the other day I saw this very cute furry handbag. But then, the salesgirl smiled proudly and was like, "It's made out of rabbit hair". Damn, I almost dropped the bag. I mentioned about the cruelty of using fur, and she was like, "oh, they just shave their fur". NO, THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T BE IGNORANT!!!!!!!

They have to frickin' skin the cute lil' bunnies. Unless it was angora fur. Which then, the loose fur are plucked. It was shame because the bag was cute, but also more of an awful shame for a bunny to be killed and made into a fashion accessory.

Some Ferris Wheel here. Didn't get to ride it. :( It is horribly unjust not to give us time to ride it but give us time to listen to "10 uses of green tea". The tour guide was like, "ahem... please don't walk out while the green tea lady is talking... you'll break her heart!". (OK, some exaggeration)

Drank some free tea and biscuits but tour members lost interest when they showed the price tag(RM2oo per box). In the end, only my family bought some. Oh dang. Like a "water fish".

We were also brought this place which sells jade lucky lions. They are believed to bring you luck. And you stroke it. While you stroke it, you think about what you want, then remove your hands and place them in your pocket. Warafak, so superstitious!

They are pretty clever at promoting their products, I'll give them that. It was fun, though! You give them your name and birthdate, and they analyse it. They were pretty accurate. :o They said a name can influence your destiny. And it's true.

Especially for celebrities. They need name with enough "oomph". If Paris Hilton was called Prudy Hill, I don't she'd be as famous as she is now.

Ho. Anyways, they said that I am carefree and the "go with the flow" kind which is pretty true. But I hate waiting, though. And they said if I worked, I would be "popular" with seniors. And they said something about having my mother's luck but being sticking more to my dad. And that if I married, I would be the bully. Ahem.

It seems that wives scold their husbands all the time while the husband just keeps quiet. I DUNNO. Seems like it. I don't want to be a naggy fly.

And then they said that I can say stuff that offend people without realising it, and that I lack water and fluidity, BAM, out comes a white lion jade from under the glass case. She was like, "you need this!". At this point I was terrified and left shortly after.

Dad bought one of them. It costs a little more than RM1k, and it better work. SANG YI HENG LONG CHOI YUEN KUAN KUAN LOI~~ If you know what I am saying, you are "very chinese ah!".

Some of the cheap clothes. RM17.50 for that "Paris, I love you today & tomorrow" shirt. Shit, it kills when when something looks good AND is cheap. To me, it's obvious when something isn't well-made. It's easy to spot a fake bag.

Bought a wallet. I like long wallets, because I like to keep my cash crisp and straight. And it also had space to slip in my iPhone!

Miu Miu and Prada has some pretty pink wallets, but I am currently broke and might as well settle for this cutie.

Bought some rings, too. I am temporarily giving up on collecting earrings, because I always lose them and school places such a restriction on them. "Nothing too bight or too fancy yeah, just a simple stud will do."

Did a little sketch reminiscent of Taiwan girls' style. It is not really chilly right now, but a good enough excuse to take out some boots. They like furry boots. Kind of Japanese influenced. My brother was like, "Nice view."

The look is pretty uniformed, an identical trend. Long, curly hair dyed brown. Some false lashies. Lots of pretty girls. Mostly, outfit consists of shorts with boots, sometimes with a furry dog. Saw a lot of poodles. Like fashion accessories, dressed up in clothes. My mum: "Blame it on Paris Hilton."

Saw one at a shop, behind boxes of shoes.
Me: "Can I touch it?" *smiles*
Shopkeeper: "No." *looks at me like I'm odd*

How polite. -.- I personally wouldn't mind if someone wanted to admire my dog. Or is it that people in Taiwan never get such request? The poodle was practically wagging its tails to greet me. Hmph.

Actually, at that time I was just desperately wanting to pat a furry dog, because it feels odd NOT to touch a dog. I miss the furry carpet. It's relaxing. As good as eating chocolate.

Oh look, right now I'm using this cutie mousepad. Happens to be a poodle. Such a cute lil' fur ball.

I also saw two teacup Pomeranians in its cage, AT THE AIRPORT. Proof that people actually bring their dogs to overseas.

I also visited a museum, I got very annoyed and felt like a dog tagged to a leash because my dad would not let me walk alone always, while bro would do as he please. Dragged me out because he thought the trip was ending(NO) wanted to get back in, but ticket was with tour guide.

And so I got very annoyed, and then the next day at this night market my dad let me walk on my own. I admit I got lost at the end, it was like a maze there. But at that time, I was not afraid of being lost, but annoyed of making my dad think that I cannot be trusted alone.

Well, getting lost is good, okay. You learn to find your way back. I did, in the end.

DANG, imagine if all a child did was follow their parents all the time. How would they ever go far? Of course, children will miss their parents. In the end, they will come back... and sometimes leave again. But- always, always come back.

Admitedly, teenagers are susceptible to mood swings, but a tip for parents is to give your children freedom. You can't watch them forever, and you have to leave them little by little and let them be independent.

Like cycling. If you always depended on those training wheels, you'd be on them forever.

WAIT- I'm going a bit too far. Ahem, I was describing being able to shop on my own, but then it went more towards studying overseas.

I trying to sneak going to UK somewhere next year. :D The excuse would be visiting MY university's open day. Oh baby, I love Europe. The Arts. Take a train to Paris and take a bit out of some laduree macaroons.

And oh yeah, the hot springs. I did not get to enjoy it because I thought we had to be butt-naked. And then there were private bathrooms but I left my swimsuit in the bus. Damn.

There were some ducks. The baby ducks were very cute. It's always charming to see mama duck leading her mini-me(s) along a river. I think they were to entertain those not in the hot springs. And I think they were goose. I dunno. There cry was a bit horrible, though!

Anddd.... Taipei 101? I can gleefully announce that I prefer KLCC to Taipei 101. 101 is more like Starhill, just high-end brands. Clothes, clothes. At KLCC, there's also videos and toys and supermarket and whatnot.

Happily saw some toy cameras at Page One, which I pondered long and far on whether or not to buy. After about 30 minutes, the answer was "No".

Overall, the trip to Taiwan? I'd much rather I went there than not. The night markets were very fun. I suppose in Malaysia we have pasar malam, but the stuff there have better quality. A lot of stuff from Korea. Very, very cheap. And it feels more comfortable because the weather is less harsh than it is in Malaysia.

Well, the very good thing is cheap and chic clothes and accessories, but to go there and get them, the price of an airplane ticket would blanket and defeat the very purpose.

Oh, btw, it felt super hot and humid when I returned to Malaysia. I guess it was always like this, but it's funny to realise how well we've adapted.

I am terrified of choosing Summit tours. Everyday, it would be, "Today... we have to rush a little ya..." But the tour guide wasn't all that bad. He can be helpful and helped me take my luggage, too. But I really hate not getting enough time to explore, because isn't that what travelling is about?

Also, oddly, there were two tour guides. One from Malaysia and one from Taiwan. The one from Taiwan talks most and does the explaining. The one from Malaysia does the stuff behind the scenes.

And in the end, what's missing here was a picture of the bus. It was where I spent most of the time but I overlooked it, because it wasn't a freaking tourist attraction. Well, simple everyday things slip by us.

Like how we eat bread everyday and only remember the sweetness of a dessert.

A fact I discovered: the people who sit at the front are good timekeepers, it gets worse as you go backwards further and further. Always the last one in. The first day, we got complained by a tour member for being late. Hmn. You can guess where we sat, right?

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